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2005; Volume 6, No 10, October



Many ways to help support palliative care.

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Dr. Woodruff, MD

The Table of Contents for each book reviewed is available in the Bookshop at


Janet L. Abrahm
The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005
489 pp
ISBN 0-8018-8101-3
RRP $US24.95 £16.50
More Info & Purchase

This book is about comprehensive psychosocial as well as physical care for patients with cancer, regardless of where they are in the course of their disease.

The first section—Hidden Concerns, Unasked Questions—covers the unique issues that must be addressed if we are to provide optimal care, and demonstrates tremendous insight into patient-focused care. Particularly useful is the liberal use of clinical vignettes and snippets from conversations to illustrate the principles of better patient management.

The second part of the book is a detailed manual of pain and symptom control, including the management of terminal illness and bereavement. The use of numerous tables and summaries of important clinical practice points is a definite plus.

This book contains a wealth of information and wisdom and definitely deserves a place on the library shelf on any Oncology or Palliative Care ward.


THE SYRINGE DRIVER. Continuous subcutaneous infusions in palliative care. 2nd Edition

Andrew Dickman, Jennifer Schneider and James Varga
Oxford University Press, 2005
327 pp
ISBN 0-19-856693-X
RRP £24.95 $US47.50
More Info & Purchase

The second edition of this useful reference book has been updated and considerably expanded. The format is similar to the first edition. The drug compatibility tables in Chapter 4 are a lot more extensive. The authors are to be congratulated on making the second edition more user-friendly to an international audience who may not have access or experience with diamorphine but may have other preparations not available in the UK (e.g. morphine titrate).

As with the first edition, this book is a valuable resource providing a wealth of information about the use of syringe drivers and CSCIs in palliative care and should be readily available wherever syringe drivers are used.



Mark Elliott Miller
Angel’s Quill Production, 2004
64 pp
ISBN 0-9759516-0-2
RRP $US12.95, £7.25
More Info & Purchase

This little book, written by a former hospice administrator, describes what he learned in dealing with his wife’s diagnosis and treatment for cancer and her subsequent death. It is loaded with good advice about how to deal with the issues that arise and how to provide the best possible care for the patient. It is written in a very personal and direct style that, together with its brevity, make it more likely to get and retain the attention of male readers.

Roger Woodruff
Director of Palliative Care, Austin Health,
Melbourne, Australia

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