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2005; Volume 6, No 4, April


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Reported by Dr KS Chan, Hong Kong

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Asia News

1.   The 6 th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference was held in Seoul, Korea from 16 th to 19 th March 2005 . The theme of the conference was “ Changing Society and Human Life with Hospice Palliative Care”. There were 1,200 participants from 28 countries and 58 invited speakers made their presentations at 4 plenary sessions, 12 symposia, a controversy session, and a workshop. Two hundred and sixty-six free papers were presented at 12 oral and 2 poster sessions. The themes of the plenary sessions included: Changing Society and Human Life with Hospice Palliative Care, Cross-Cultural Differences in Ethical Issues of End-of-Life, Update in Pain & Symptom Management and Service Development.

Besides, the Second Global Summit of National Hospice and Palliative Care Associations was held immediately before the APHC 2005 in Seoul , Korea from 15 - 16 March 2005. After the meeting, a Korea declaration on Hospice & Palliative Care March 2005 was drafted & signed by palliative workers from supporting countries.

The 5 th council of Asia Pacific Hospice Network (APHN) was elected on 17 th March 2005 with Dr Enoch Lai ( Taiwan ) as Chairman, Dr Cynthia Goh ( Singapore ) as Honorary Secretary, Ms Yvonne Siu ( Hong Kong ) as Honorary Treasurer.

2.   A series of short training course will be held by Hospis Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The details are as follow:

May 28-29: Pain & Symptom Management 1

July 16-17: Pain & Symptom Management 2

Sept 23-25: Palliative Care Symposium

Nov 19-20 Grief & Bereavement

Interested individual please contact Dr Ednin Hamzah: [email protected]

3.   A one day bilingual (English & Cantonese) local Palliative Care Symposium will be held by Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care in Hong Kong on 25 th June 2005 . Topics of presentation include: Coping with a life limiting illness for young and adult patients, Family coping with anticipatory grief, Cost of caring: compassion fatigue and burnout, Quality care at the last 48 hours, Nurse’s Role in Ambulatory Palliative Care. Moreover, there are four afternoon workshops on Photography, Relaxation: guided imagery, music therapy and Anticipatory grief. Attendants should understand Chinese.

Interested individuals please contact Ms Faye Chan: [email protected]

Dr. Chan is a member of the IAHPC Board of Directors. To read his biography go to URL:

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