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2005; Volume 6, No 4, April


2nd Global Summit of National Hospice
and Palliative Care Associations
March 2005, Korea

Nick Pahl of Help the Hospices

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2nd Global Summit of National Hospice and Palliative Care Associations
March 2005, Korea

The declaration (and linked press release) from the summit is available at National associations are encouraged to use the Korea declaration for advocacy with Governments etc. and to officially ratify it. The summit is being written up by the International Observatory on End of Life Care. Useful tools for national hospice and palliative care organisations will be part of the report - including tools for advocacy and organisational development. A submission by the advocacy group is also planned for the WHO World Health Assembly in May 2005.A follow up meeting of national association colleagues particularly from Europe is occurring at the EAPC conference on 9th April 2005 6-8pm ( Eifel room) to which all relevant individuals are invited. The organisers were really pleased with the positive feedback from participants - the organizing committee members are Dr Cynthia Goh ( Singapore ) ­co- Chair; David Praill (UK) ­ co-Chair; Stephen Connor (USA); Sharon Baxter ( Canada ); Dr Daniela Mosiou ( Romania ); Dr Faith Mwangi Powell ( Uganda ); Dr Liz Gwyther ( South Africa ); Dr Roberto Wenk ( Argentina ), Professor David Currow ( Australia ) Dr Dinesh Goswami ( India ). They are planning to meet in November to explore future plans for the network - including the 3rd global summit meeting.

For further information on this and the workgroups (on quality of care, advocacy (including drugs issues), governance, education and training, funding, world hospice and palliative care day, children’s services, organizational development and information issues) please contact Nick Pahl on [email protected]

By Nick Pahl of Help the Hospices, UK

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