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2004; Volume 5, No 10, October

Webmaster's Corner

Anne Laidlaw


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Anne Laidlaw

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Webmaster's Corner

Welcome to the Webmaster's Corner!
Here you can learn about the new articles & features we've added to the IAHPC website each month.

This month we have allot of great things to tell you about and a few upcoming sneak peaks.

The IAHPC Hospice & Palliative Care Manual Second edition is coming soon. Watch the What's New page for its avalability.

Hospice & Palliative Care Educational Resources - Here is a list of educational resources available for clinicians working in pain and palliative care settings.

 Professionals Available to Spend Time Abroad - View professionals who are willing to spend time abroad. You can submit yourself to be added to the list to spend time abroad. We had 6 new listings this month! More Info Here

Purchase items with the IAHPC Logo on them using the link below to donate to the IAHPC while shopping for cool items.
Order IAHPC Mousepad
Order IAHPC Mug

The IAHPC Fact Sheets are now available in Portuguese and to download in MS.Word Format in Portuguese.

Our Book & Video Shop has has a few changes in the navigation to help you find your way around better. You can now view by author or category. Last month we added 4 more new titles with reviews.

The International Directory has had 38 new listings this month, a great resource for all.

Have a hospice and/or palliative care related question? Or just want to discuss hospice & palliative care issues? Join in at our Forum. No registration required. It's Free

Coming Events! Do you have a Hospice & Palliative Care event you wish to promote?
Please visit our Future Events section to view events and add your event to our website.
5 new listings added this month including a Hospice/Palliative Care course or two!

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Sneak Peeks What's Coming!
We have more plans for exciting new additions to in the coming months. We will be implementing a new search feature to help you find the information you require quicker.
We are in the process of converting more documents to .pdf & .pda versions for your convenience. Drop by often & don't miss out!

Until next month!
Anne Laidlaw

IAHPC Webmaster
Comments/Questions about our website?
Email us at: [email protected]