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2004; Volume 5, No 10, October


Message from the Chair
and Executive Director

Eduardo Bruera, MD

Liliana De Lima, MHA


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Dear readers:

Greetings and welcome to the October issue of our Newsletter. As in our previous issues, we have several important announcements:

1. Meeting in Montreal: As we announced in our last issue, we participated in the 15th International Congress on Care of the Terminally Ill, which we were also proud to support. Congratulations to the Congress Chairman, Dr Balfour Mount, and the rest of the organizing committee for putting together such a wonderful and interesting meeting. Several activities took place and we were very busy during the Congress. Some of the highlights were:

a) General Members’ Meeting: Eduardo welcomed Dr. Kathy Foley as our incoming Chair (starting January 2005). We are all looking forward to continue working under her leadership and global vision. Eduardo and Liliana presented a summary of the last four years, our achievements, programs and the challenges that lie ahead. We wish to thank the IAHPC members who participated in the General Assembly and for their useful feedback.

b) IAHPC Stand: Many stopped by our stand to say hello to Ana and Liliana. Several BOD members and Eduardo spent time in our booth, meeting with people, answering questions and providing advice to participants. We were glad to see many of you again and to finally meet in person some of our members. Several people joined as members of IAHPC and we welcome them to this wonderful organization.

c) Traveling Scholars: We are proud to have been able to sponsor Doctors Daniela Mosoiu from Romania and Ednin Hamzah from Malaysia. Both gave very insightful and interesting presentations on the status of palliative care in their countries during the IAHPC workshop. Participants learned about the problems that both face and the solutions they are implementing in their countries. We thank both of them for their wonderful contributions.

CLICK HERE to view some nice pictures we took in Montreal.

2. Palliative Care in Europe:
The IAHPC is collaborating with the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) in a Task Force on the Development of Palliative Care in Europe. This task force is under the coordination of Dr. Carlos Centeno Cortes in Spain. We need to locate palliative care workers in Andorra, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. If you know someone in any of these countries who might be interested in participating as country collaborators in this initiative, please send us their name and contact information to [email protected]

3. Clearing House Program:
We are happy to announce that this month we sent more than 1,000 lbs of donated books and journals to 98 countries around the world as part of our Clearing House Program. Many of you will soon receive a box with palliative, general medicine and nursing material. We hope it will be useful to all and may help you in the provision of palliative care in your settings. Thanks to the IAHPC Board members who donated books and journals to this program (Doctors Alan Nixon, Neil MacDonald and Roger Woodruff), to the Open Society Institute (Mary Callaway), to Purdue Pharma, especially Pamela Bennett and her colleagues for the donation of Pain, Nursing and Palliative Care journals and to Suzanne St-Amour for the donation of several issues of the Journal of Palliative Care.

4. IAHPC Newsletter:
As most of you know, the IAHPC Newsletter has undergone some renovations. We are lucky to have Doctors Anna Rommer, PhD and Karen Heller, PhD as advisors in this process. Both have vast experience as editors, including the online Innovations in End of Life Care and we are grateful for their useful advice and great feedback. One of their recommendations was to do a survey to find out what our readers like and find useful so that we may improve the Newsletter. Two weeks ago we sent an e-mail with an invitation to participate in the survey and we have had a wonderful response (more than 200!) from many of you. Many thanks to all you who completed the survey and for your participation and useful comments. If you are a new subscriber, or have NOT taken the survey yet, we ask you to please take a brief moment and complete it. It is anonymous and will take only 3 minutes to complete. The survey is available in We will keep the survey "alive" for two more weeks, when we will analyze the responses and make changes to further improve the Newsletter. This Newsletter is sent to more than 3,500 readers around the world in more than 100 countries and we believe has become a useful tool for information dissemination and promotion of palliative and hospice care.

5. Agreement with store:
Please remember that IAHPC has an agreement with the store in which Amazon donates to IAHPC a percentage of the sales amount when the purchase is made through our website. If you plan to buy anything from remember to log on through our Book and Video store. This will not cost you any additional money and you will be helping us help others. Visit our Book and Video Shop at ; If you plan to buy one of the books listed in our site, click on the name of the book and it will take you directly to the's store. If you plan to buy any other items not listed there, just click on the Amazon icon to be directed to TODAY'S DEALS at

6. EAPC Meeting in Aachen:
Please remember that the next meeting of the European Association of Palliative Care (EAPC) will take place in Aachen (Germany) on April 6-10, 2005. As many of you know, the EAPC meeting has become the largest and most important Palliative Care meeting in the World. We invite you to participate and make plans to be there. More information about the meeting is available through our website at ; Click on Main Menu, then Future Events and Meetings, then select 2005. You will find the listing in chronological order.

7. Palliative Care in Brazil:
Lo Tedhal, a palliative care non profit organization in Brazil wants to start building a hospice program there. If you are interested in providing help and support to this initiative, contact the Denis Bourgerie, the President of Lo Tedhal at [email protected]
We hope you will enjoy this month’s issue of the Newsletter!

Click photo to view larger image

Eduardo Bruera, Liliana De Lima and Doctors Daniela Mosoiu from Romania and Ednin Hamzah from Hospis Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Drs Mosoiu and Hamzah were the IAHPC Traveling Scholars to the Congress.

Liliana De Lima in the IAHPC booth with visiting professors from Korea, including Dr Choe Wha Sook from Home Hospice Care Center in Seoul and Youn Seon Choi from Korea University Medical Center in Seoul.

Eduardo Bruera and Catherine Barnes, from Oxford University Press at the IAHPC booth

Daniela Mosoiu from Hospice Casa Speranti in Romania, Roberto Wenk from Fundacion Femeba in Argentina, Ana Restrepo from IAHPC and Liliana De Lima in the IAHPC booth

Until next month,

Eduardo Bruera, MD, Chair person

Liliana De Lima, MHA. Executive Director