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Text Box: The fourth Annual General meeting of the Asia Pacific Hospice network (APHN) was held on 5th June, 2004 in Taipei, Taiwan. By 1 June, 2004, APHN has a total membership of 781, with 656 individual members and 125 organization members.

New Council of APHN: Dr Enoch Lai, who is the Chairman of the Taiwan Hospice Organization, has taken over from Dr Tetsuo Kashiwagi , who was the founding Chairman of APHN for the past three years. Dr Tetsuo Kashiwagi and Dr Young-Seon-Hong of Korea were elected as Vice-Chairmen, Dr Cynthia Goh of Singapore was re-elected as Honorary Secretary, and Ms Yvonne Siu of Hong Kong was elected as Honorary Treasurer.

Palliative Care activities in Asia region in the coming months:

      Symposium on Palliative Medicine
      19-22 September 2004
      38th Singapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine
      Contact: Secretariat, Academy of Medicine.
      Tel : (65) 6223 8968 Fax: (65) 6225 5155

Palliative care course
Palliative Care Association of Kota Kinabalu & Malaysia Hospice Council
Kota-Kinabalu, 24-26 september, 2004

12th International Conference of the Indian association of Palliative Care Conference: “Community Participation in Palliative Care”
Guwahati, Assam, 11-13 February, 2005

6th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference
“Changing Society and Human Life with Hospice Palliative Care”
Seoul, Korea, 16-19 March 2005.

 Reported by Dr KS Chan, Hong Kong

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