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Dear Readers,


We just returned from the 16th International MASCC/ISOO Supportive Care in Cancer Symposium June 24-27 in Miami Beach. The meeting was a success and more than 600 participants from several countries attended. Congratulations to Dr Declan Walsh, Chair of the symposium, and the scientific committee for putting together an excellent meeting. Our booth was visited by many friends, colleagues and members from around the world. Many did not know anything about IAHPC and both Ana and Liliana had a busy time registering new members, adding new programs to our International Directory and giving out information about the organization and the wonderful ways in which we can help promote and disseminate palliative care around the world. Many thanks to the meeting organizers and the staff support, for their hospitality and kindness. We took some nice pictures which are shown below.


The next meeting in which we will participate is in Montreal: The 15th International Congress on Care of the Terminally Ill, which will take place at the Palais des Congress, in Montreal, Canada, September 18- 23, 2004. As in the MASCC meeting, we will also have a booth where participants can stop by to say hello, ask questions about IAHPC and learn how we can help programs, individuals and institutions. In addition, we will host a workshop on the challenges faced by palliative care workers in the developing world. We hope to see many of you there.


As we announced in a previous Newsletter edition, two programs have already been awarded a Faculty Development Program Award - The Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kerala, India and The Programa de Cuidados Paliativos de la Municipalidad de Rosario, in Argentina. In this issue, we will feature the program in Rosario, where a new Palliative Care unit (UCPAR) was recently created. This step was necessary so doctors could have a place to work and carry out the teaching activities. UCPAR is the fist center of excellence of Palliative Care in Rosario. The unit has six beds, where patients with terminal disease and uncontrolled symptoms (clinical and psychological distress) are treated, and is located in the internal medicine division in the Hospital Alberdi. UCPAR began its activities in February 2004 and is actively working in the public health net. Doctors Hugo Fornells, Daniela Mc Garrell and Raul Salas, specialists in oncology, internal medicine and palliative care, have been selected as recipients of the Faculty Development Program Award . All three plus a nurse are involved in palliative care teaching activities inside the net and in Rosario’s University. As an important part of this network, the Municipal Palliative Care Program provides domiciliary care and is affiliated with three hospitals and their various departments. Below are some pictures of the team members and also attending patients. We have a few more applications for awards programs in other parts of the world which are under review of a Selection Committee. For more information about this program and how to apply, please visit our Website at Click on Resources and then Faculty Development Program.


Until next month,


Eduardo Bruera, MD



Liliana De Lima, MHA

Executive Director


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Message from the Chair &

Executive Director


Eduardo Bruera, MD (USA)

Liliana De Lima, MHA (USA)

Text Box: 2004;  Volume  5, No 7, July

Lilliana (center)  withDr Galima Kuznecova and his wife Dr Sergev Kuznecova from Latvia

Eduardo, Dr James Cleary, President of the AAHPM, Liliana and David Makumi Kinyanjui, palliative care nurse from the Agha Khan Hospital in Kenya.

Ana Restrepo, our manager for member services, and Doctors Ana Claudia Arantes and Rafael Aron Schmerling from Brazil.

Dr. Hugo Fornells, reviewing a patient record and the evolution of symptoms

       MASCC Photos, Miami

   UCPAR Photos - Rosario,  Argentina

             Daniela Mc Garrell with a patient

Dr Pedro Sitic from Bolivia, Dr John J Franco and

Dr G Estrada from Colombia.

  Dr. Ahmed Elsayem  (left) (Sudan, USA),  Liliana and Dr. Neal  MacDonald from Canada

           Liliana and  Dr. Violina Taskova from Bulgaria

    ASCO Meeting, June 2004