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2004; Volume 5, No 8, August


Message from the Executive Director

Liliana De Lima, MHA


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As Eduardo mentioned in his announcement this month, the IAHPC Board has elected Dr Kathleen Foley as our next Chair, starting January 2005. Dr. Foley has enormous leadership and has played an important role in the development of palliative care around the world. I look forward to her Chairmanship and her future role with the organization.

I am also very grateful with the Board of Directors for my reappointment as Executive Director of the organization. These past four years have been a wonderful learning experience for me as we have established liaisons with individuals and programs around the globe, supported program and allocated grants for several purposes. Please remember that our ability to keep helping depends on our capacity to raise funds and donations, and that we will exist as long as those who are capable of supporting us continue to do so.

I have two additional important announcements: First, Ocean Road Cancer Institute in Daar es Salam, Tanzania has been elected as a winner of an IAHPC Faculty Development Program grant. Dr Msemo Diwani has been selected as the candidate to work as a full time palliative care physician in Ocean Road Institute and as palliative care professor in the Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology of Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences situated at the Ocean Road cancer Institute. Ocean Road Cancer Institute is the only institution which provides oral morphine to patients in Tanzania and we hope that this will be an important opportunity to make an important change in the medical and nursing students in the country.

We are also happy to announce that IAHPC has been invited to chair a panel on pediatric palliative care in the 24th Congress of the International Pediatric Association in Cancun, Mexico, on August 18-21. Our panel is called "Pediatric Palliative Care Issues in Developing and Developed Nations: Program, Development and International Resources". Liliana and Doctors Veronica Dussel from Argentina and Prof. Sverre O. Lie, from Norway will participate in the panel. We believe this is a great opportunity for IAHPC and an important step in bringing forward the pediatric palliative issues into an international congress.

Additional information about this congress and registration can be found at URL:

We look forward to seeing some of our readers there.

A small new pediatric palliative care unit being set up in China requires short/long term volunteers to help. If you are interested in helping, please contact Dr Joyce Hill [email protected]

Until next month,
Liliana De Lima, MHA