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Many of our Web pages, including the newsletters, have pictures imbedded within the text frames. If you are unable to see the text on our site, it is because you have elected to disable the "show pictures" option of your browser. To correct this, go to the tools menu of the browser, click on Internet Options, then Advanced tab, and finally check Show Pictures.


We are asking every IAHPC member to consider sponsoring a membership for a colleague, in their own country or overseas, to help the IAHPC reach out to more people. The only criterion is that the recipient MUST have e-mail access so that IAHPC can avoid the costs of printing and international postage.

IAHPC is largely dependent upon membership subscriptions to operate the organisation. We are very proud of what we have achieved in the last year or two - and we desperately want to be able to do more.
Reach Out! Help a colleague and the IAHPC. Sponsor a membership through the Donor's 2003 Project.

Don't know who to sponsor, let IAHPC help you?  Donations are now tax deductible.  If you are interested in helping contact the Executive Director.

Membership Information

If you would like to become a member of our organization, please take a look at our mission statement, the Board of Directors, and some of the projects we are trying to accomplish. Membership dues are based on a sliding scale.  An on -line application form is available and secure credit card payments may be made there.  Go to our Web site's Homepage and click on How to Join. To Go to HOMEPAGE CLICK HERE
Becoming a member of IAHPC means you are an important part of the organization that helps "share palliative care information world-wide". Membership dues are extremely important to IAHPC for they cover a small, but important, sustenance that enables us to move forward.
We have no fat in our budget! All Board members and Executive Committee members receive NOTHING, no reduced conference fees , no travel expenses, no reimbursement for supplies or anything else. The Board pays dues as do other members. Join us! To review the names and biographies of Board Members go to

   Membership Benefits

The most important benefit of membership is being a part of an organization that is trying to help colleagues particularly in developing countries. We are dedicated to 'sharing hospice/palliative care information world wide'. Your membership subscription makes this possible. As an IAHPC member you are entitled to reduced registration fees at our annual meeting and associated congress; you are eligible to apply for a Travelling Fellowship; you may download the IAHPC Fact Sheets from our Web site and use them as you wish; you also are eligible for a reduced subscription rate to 8 journals:
Journal of Pain and Symptom Management,
The American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care,
Palliative Medicine,
Journal of Palliative Medicine,
International Journal of Palliative Nursing, and the
CMD Bulletin Palliative Medicine
European Journal of Palliative Care
Progress in Palliative Care

Alou Website Design (the designer of the IAHPC Website) will offer a 10% discount rate to IAHPC members who buy any services or products from them. And they will receive and additional 10% discount if the website is for a not for profit organization. If you are interested in contacting them, click on their link on the bottom of our home page. Specify that you are an IAHPC member and give your membership number to receive the discount.

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IAHPC's International Directory

The IAHPC Website contains numerous links to palliative care/hospice sites. To view use the following URL
They are categorized by regions.

If you have a favorite to add, or wish to be included, go to the above URL and make an entry.

Also on our Home Page is a set of
links to Palliative Care Journals.

Visit our Calendar of PC Meetings and Events--use the link in the sidebar!

Join us again  May, 2004  for the next issue.

There are at least 6 Ways to Help IAHPC

  • Make a donation

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