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2005; Volume 6, No 11, November



Many ways to help support palliative care.

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Editor’s Notes

William Farr, PhD, MD

Clearing House Program - Thank You Notes

Details about our Clearing House Program:

Thank you from Skopelos, Greece

Dear Liliana,

Today, very appropriately on the eve of the World Day of Palliative Care, I received the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine that you sent in March. I hope that you have not thought us rude for not thanking you earlier. It has taken the book a little while to get here to the island, but we are very grateful.

It has taken quite a while for us to become a legal Charity here in Greece and we are just going through the final phases now and hope to have our official Charity status by Christmas.

The need here is very great for cancer support and palliative care. There have been many people dying here supported by their families, but in great pain and with no intelligent information as regards their disease.  At present there is no Hospice in Athens and the knowledge of Palliative Care in this part of Greece is very limited.

We have to be very sensitive here in a small closed Orthodox Community to be seen as supporting the families, rather than imposing western ideas, particularly in an area where people are sometimes not aware that they have cancer and the word is not often used.  We have the blessing of the Priests which is enormously important and the support of many Greek families…..

Thank you again very much for the Textbook.

With very best wishes,

Anne Cragoe



Dear Liliana,

I was delighted to receive the Oxford Textbook yesterday which you sent in February. God bless you for your thinking of us and your generosity.

I am giving this copy to Little Hospice Hoima (LHH) who opened their first building last Tuesday. Many of our trainees in palliative medicine have placements in LHH because they are doing a lot of community work for us there and assisting many patients and families who are identified by their trained village vigilantes.

So thank you so much.


Dr. Anne Merriman, MBE, FRCP,
Director of Policy and International Programmes,
Vice Chair, African Palliative Care Association
Hospice Africa,
POBox 7757, Kampala, UGANDA



Dear Mrs. De Lima

Thank you very much for the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine. It is a very useful and precious part of the palliative care library and palliative care information center.


Dr Nikolay Yordanov MD

Head of Palliative Care Department
Interregional Cancer Hospital ­ Vratsa
Vratsa Bulgaria



Many thanks for the books we received. They have been very useful and we are planning on sending one copy of the Palliative Care Manual to the Nurses Council, since we were lucky to have received 3 copies.

Once again, thanks.

Mrs Adeola Seweje-Chimunda
Theodore Foundation
Lagos, Nigeria



Dear Liliana,

Thank you very much for all books you sent to us. We use them very often. A lot of information gained from them we share with our colleagues. Also we use them in preparing the lectures to teach our family doctors.

Many thanks from all our team.

Kind wishes,
Natalia Bodiu, MD
Chisinau, Moldova


New Guinea

Dear Liliana

Many thanks indeed for the copy of the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine and materials, including copies of Palliative Care in the Developing World. We are delighted to receive them; we will make sure that the material is readily available to students as well as our academic and clinical staff.

Best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

John D. Vince
Professor Child Health
University of Papua New Guinea
School of Medicine and Health Sciences


William Farr, PhD, MD
Newsletter Editor

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William Farr, PhD, MD
Newsletter Editor
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****Thanks to all contributors to this issue.****

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