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2004; Volume 5, No 11, November


IAHPC Regional Report

Legogote, South Africa


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Opening of Legogote Community Hospice

Rev A.T.H. Munnings B.Sc. B.Th. (Hons)


On June 9th the Legogote Hospice was opened with all due ceremony. A group of over 100 representatives from the local area gathered for the opening. Both leaders from the traditional community structures and the Local councilor spoke of the dedication and work done at the Hospice and of how great the gardens and building looked and challenged the local youth to do the same to the surrounding public areas.
Zale Madonsela from the Department of Health spoke of the department's plans and how step-down units fitted into their ideas and their plans to support NGOs. A new relationship between the Department and us should be forged. A follow up visit to the ACTS Training centre by the entire executive of the Dept of Health and Welfare was very encouraging.

Finally, Mary Calloway who was visiting us from America spoke about the work that had been started and how wonderful it was that the local community was so involved. She and Sister Beatrice Tshabalala who had just recently retired from Legogote clinic then opened the Hospice.

Many thanks were expressed to the Mesab directors who had contributed directly to this project.

There followed in the best of traditions a luncheon that had been prepared by the ACTS catering staff. Everybody ate well including the wonderful choirs that had arrived to sing to us and help us celebrate a wonderful occasion.

The exciting developments from this occasion are the involvement in the running of the unit. The young men of the area have tidied up the surrounding public spaces. Two ladies from the community are doing the catering and the laundry on a subcontracted basis. The unit filled up almost immediately and has been a significant contributor to the palliative care of patients in the area.