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EAPC-East Newsletter
NR 21- April 2004
Reprinted with permission.

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the increased information in Russian available now from the web site There is a real information gap to fill so there will hopefully be much more to come. Please spread the information to your Russian speaking colleagues. There are plans for a translation of the EAPC-east Newsletter into Russian from the coming issue. We will let you know!

Textbook on the treatment of cancer pain - in Russian

There has just been published a textbook on the treatment of cancer pain in Ukraine. The book has been published in the course of cooperation between the Department at the Warsaw Cancer Centre, the Warsaw Oncological Hospice and colleagues in the Ukraine - the University in Kiev and the Oncological Hospital in the town of Khmielnicki.

The book presents clear and detailed descriptions of the WHO analgesic ladder and describes all the trends in the treatment of cancer pain. This is probably the first monograph concerning this subject ever to have been published in the Ukraine. The language of publication is Russian. Please acknowledge the title of the book: Schlapak I, Jarosz J (eds):
Lyecheniye bolyevogo sindroma v onkologii; Rowno 2003.

Database related to cancer pain and palliative care

This is a searchable database of over 30,000 references related to Cancer Pain and Palliative Care. The database was developed and is maintained by Dr. Nathan Cherny, who is the Director of the Cancer Pain and Palliative Care Service in the Oncology Department at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem .

The database provides you with an unrivalled gateway to the medical literature pertaining to all aspects of Pain and Palliative Care. We hope it will be of use to all clinicians and researchers working in this field.

Importantly, the database is also available as 2 EndNote® reference manager files for use on your personal computer. Used with the reference manager software "EndNote®", you can use the database for writing and research. A free trial version of this software is available at:

Russian translation of  Setting up a Hospice Service by Graham Perolls, translated by Elena Vvedenskaya.

The text is built on experiences on starting the Hospice Sperantei in Brasov, Romania and is one of a series of Fact Sheets published by hospice information. You can find the whole text to down load in Russian from the web site

A report from Vladislav Mykhalsky on "Palliative Care and HIV/AIDS
" a conference in Kiev, Ukraine, February 25-28, 2004.

The goal of the conference was to improve the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS patients in Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia. Its importance is emphasized by recent attention to the region, which has some of the fastest growing rates of HIV/AIDS infection in the world. As it is underlined in the United Nations Development Program report (17 February, 2004) the impact is compounded by still insufficient public awareness, frequent stigmatization and lack of adequate policy instruments to cope with the disease. Up to one out of every one hundred adults living in these three countries is now estimated to be carrying the virus--a threshold above which efforts to turn back the epidemic have failed in many other countries. Nonetheless, the region also has success stories, from which valuable lessons should be taken.  Please find the full report to down load directly from the web site

Hospice movement in Hungary and experiences with hospital supportive teams a report by Katalin Hegedus including the history of the hospice movement in Hungary and the starting of the Hungarian Hospice Foundation in 1991 to the beginning of the process of integration into the health care system to the present situation. There is also a passage on successes and failures. The experiences with a hospital supportive team as well as plans for the future are also covered. The last passage is about policy changes. Please find the article to down load from the web site

Free booklet on bereavement
"Your bereavement - living through it" by Sarah Wheatley.
This helpful booklet has been written by Sarah Wheatley, a Macmillan Nurse from the
UK.  Though intended for a UK audience the underlying principles are generally applicable. Thanks to Sarah and the Eastbourne & County Healthcare NHS Trust this booklet is available free of charge.

To order a free copy please send your name and postal address to: [email protected]

Grants for the EAPC Research Forum in Stresa  4-6 June, 2004

This time the OSI travel grants were presented to applicants who had accepted abstracts for posters or oral presentations in Stresa. The grantees are:
Katalin Hegedus, Hungary, Tatyana Ionova, Russia, Urska Lunder, Slovenia, Andrei Novik, Russia and Elena Vvedenskaya Russia.

ABC on palliative care - BMJ - British Medical Journal

Please find an article on Nausea, vomiting and intestinal obstruction written by Mary J Baines to down load from the web site

We take all the possibilities to distribute our Newsletter and if we e.g. find a list of e-mail addresses from a palliative care course we make contact. If you do not wish to receive the Newsletter please let us know: [email protected]

All the best until next time!

Sylvia Sauter         Carl Johan Fürst

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