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  • Create PC certification system
  • Advance existing under-graduate and post-graduate  programs in PC
  • Involve PC in Public health care prevention programs
  • Media: TV, radio and etc.

Nijole Bieliniene, Chief Specialist, Division of Health Care, Ministry of Health, [email protected]
Rita Kabasinskiene, Director Kaunas Nursing Hospital, [email protected]
Arvydas  Seskevicius, President of Lithuania Palliative Care Association, Kaunas University of Medicine, Kaunas, [email protected]
Alfreda Taminskas, Chief Expert, State Patient Fund, Ministry of Health, [email protected]
Raimonda Ulianskiene, County Physician, Panevezys County, [email protected]

Republic of Moldova

Palliative Care Policy Development of Republic of Moldova
· Creating a National Commite of PC for development and implementation in Moldova
· Forming a workgroup and appreciate the need of financial support
· Analysis and focusing on cohort of patients who need PC
· Informing the population about the possibility of PC
· Revision of legislation in Republic of Moldova

Elena Boleac
, Deputy-head of the Program, Licence and Accreditation Department, Ministry of Health, Chisinau, phone: 373 2 725892
Iurie Bulat, Principal Scientific Researcher, Institute of Oncology, President of the  Scientific Society of Oncologists of Moldova, Chisinau [email protected]
Minodora Mazur, University professor State Medical university, N Testemitanu, Chisianau, [email protected]
Svetlana Popovici, Physician, Department for treatment of HIV/AIDS patients, Chisisnau,  phone: 373 2 794103
Gheorghe Rusu, Director National Health Insurance Company, Chisinau, phone: 373 2 727676, 727367

Poland Goals and Action Plans

Goal 1

To raise awareness of hospice/palliative care

  • in national and local authorities
  • among health care professionals
  • in general public
steps to be taken

  • To restore the activities of the National Council for Hospice/Palliative Care as advisory body of the MoH - 6 months
  • To promote and to extend PC education among professionals - continuously
  • Public campaign through national and local media (using Hungarian experience) - continuous/repeated

Goal 2

To cover the blank patches on the PC coverage map of Poland

steps to be taken

  • Local needs assessment (including non-malignant diseases, AIDS)
  • Strategic planning (SWOT)
  • Recognise and adapt effective experiences of other countries
  • Establishing hospital and nursing homes PC supportive teams
  • Promotion of PC approach among primary care professionals
  • Lobbying health authorities at all levels for improvement in financing of palliative/hospice care
  • Financial compensation for primary caregivers
  • Reimbursement of essential drugs in PC

Goal 3
To introduce compulsory program of PC education to all medical universities
steps to be taken
  • Lobbying National Council of University Education and rectors of medical schools focused on inclusion of palliative medicine/care in all curricula

Maciej Kluziak, Secretary, ECEPT-Eastern and Central Europe Palliative Care Task Force, Poznan, [email protected]
Katarzyna Kowalewska, President, Hospice of Kutno, NGO, [email protected]
Agnieszka Lewicka, Department of European Integration and International relations, Ministry of Health, [email protected]
Anna Marzec-Boguslawska, Managing director, National AIDS Center, Warsaw, [email protected], [email protected]

Romania - Goals and Action Plan

To transform the taskforce group into a commission of the Ministry of Health
Report for the MoH that would contain the actual situation in Romania, the actual situation in the region, the recommendation of WHO and Council of Europe and also the countries where they have a commission in their MoH
  • Need letter from WHO, Responsible Eugenia Anca
  • Deadline November 30, 2003

To release the order of Minister of Health for Palliative Care that would acknowledge the structures able to provide pc

  • Need cost efficiency analysis - use Catalonian model
  • More complex assessment of the needs
  • Develop complex documentation

To develop a seminar for the possible authorities involved in developing the pc structure in Romania

  • MoH to organize
  • Experts to be invited
  • Participants to include house of insurance, MoH, press, representatives of the cancer patients associations and other associations, medical reps, and NGOs--Spring 2004
Financing to be determined

Eugenia Anca, Councellor in the General Department of Medical assistance, Ministry of Health, [email protected]
Oana Donea, Oncologist, Palliative care trainer, St Luca Hospital, Bucharest
Daniela Mosoiu, Director Study Centre for Palliative Care, Brasov, [email protected]

Slovakia - Goals and Action Plan

1. Enable home palliative care provision

  • Amend the existing legislation (Act on Health Care) that not only GPs and nurses can provide health care at home, but also physicians specialized in palliative care and other health professionals
  • Legalize visiting and activities of volunteers at home of palliative patient

2.Establish palliative care provision in existing health care institutions

  • Use the ongoing health care reform to change acute beds into palliative beds
  • To offer this possibility not only in health sector, but also in other sectors health care institutions (defense, interior, etc.)
  • Cooperation with social sector (social care institutions)

3.Elaborate obligatory  national standards
  • Educate providers of palliative care, health care professionals and general public at international level
  • Unify the conditions for palliative care provision in all settings
  • Define minimal and optimal standards for different settings

Miriam Cejkova, Chair of Palium, NGO, Bratislava, [email protected]
Monika Gojdova, Expert Advisor department of European Affairs, Ministry of Health, [email protected]
Patricia Porubcanova, Ass professor of faculty of Health care and social work, Trnava University, phone: 421 907 695 074
Kristina Krizanova, Head of Palliative Care Department, National Cancer Institute, Bratislava, [email protected],; [email protected]

Slovenia - Goals and Action Plan

Recruiting and motivating health care professionals
  • We are going to present needs of PC in Slovenia at Slovenian Physician Congress at workshops where a physician and a nurse and one family member of a terminally ill patient present their view of the problem. We will discuss these problems with family doctors. The same presentation could be done at Congress of Nurses.
  • We will write an article about PC in review of Slovenian physician journal

Pilot study: implementation of pc into three hospitals and regional primary care organizations

We are going to start pilot studies in 2 University and 1 General Hospital
after 1 year we are going to evaluate the results and it will be the keystone at the negotiation with health care providers and Ministry of Health

  • We have already started the program for physicians and nurses but we would like to have support of more experienced

Epidemiological situation

  • We are going to set up a framework of PC providers on the basis of epidemiological studies

Jozica Jost, Head Nurse, University clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases, Golnik, [email protected]
Urska Lunder, Director, Palliative Care development Institute, Ljubljana, [email protected]
Nadja Triller, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology, University Clinic of Respiratory  and Allergic Diseases, Golnik, [email protected]

Mongolia - Goals and Action Plan


  • Perform a country needs assessment of financial resources
  • What--
  • When
  • Who

Establish Home Care Service in Provinces and Districts

  • Policy
  • Advocacy
  • Develop Minister's order on palliative care services
  • Establish pc team at provinces and districts
  • Drug prescription right and availability
  • Coordination and regulation of pc services
  • Review and make changes in related laws, ordinances, and legislation


  • Needs assessment of financial resources
  • Make changes in health and insurance law
  • Monitoring and evaluation of pc financing
  • Develop home care and inpatient palliative care standards

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