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Dear readers:

This month we have several important announcements:

We are pleased to announce that IAHPC has named the Individual Recognition Award The Vittorio Ventafridda Award in recognition of Professor Ventafridda's leadership, commitment and vision in the development of palliative care in the World. We are honored and grateful to be able to name this award under his name and hope that it will serve others to follow his lead and example.

We are happy to announce the winners of the 2003 IAHPC Recognition Awards as selected by the committees:

For the
Vittorio Ventafridda Individual Award, Doctor Gustavo De Simone from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was selected for his commitment to the development of palliative care in Argentina and Latin America. The selection committee members were:

  • Nessa Coyle, APN, PhD (USA)
  • Daniela Mosoiu, MD (Romania)
  • Deborah Norval, MD (South Africa)
  • KS Chan, MD (Hong Kong)

For the Institutional Award, the winner is the Programa de Cuidados Paliativos from El Servicio Extremeño de Salud in Spain for the program's commitment to improve palliative care in the community. The selection committee members were:
  • Elina Clemens, MD (Germany)
  • Alan Nixon (Canada)
  • MR Rajagopal, MD (India)
  • Roger Woodruff (Australia)

For the University Award, the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany was selected for the excellent program it offers to undergraduate physicians and its commitment to improve palliative care education. The selection committee members were:
  • Eduardo Bruera, MD (USA)
  • Neil MacDonald (Canada)
  • Young Hong (Korea)
  • Irene Higginson (UK)

Congratulations to the winners for this much deserved recognition. We are very grateful with all the applicants and nominators of candidates for these awards. Every year the selection committee members have a difficult time choosing the winners from among a pool of excellent candidates from all over the world.

We are proud to announce the start of our new program called The IAHPC Palliative Care Faculty Development Program
. The purpose of this program is to support the development of palliative care faculty positions for nurses and physicians in developing countries. The IAHPC Board members will identify and/or select potential outstanding physician and nurse candidates who have completed formal training in hospice/palliative care in a recognized institutional program. Candidates are required to have the intention to return to their home country (if they are abroad) and develop a hospice/palliative care program. IAHPC will negotiate with the potential employer (university, hospital, or local government authorities) the terms of appointment in such a way that IAHPC will fund the salary and benefits of the candidate for a period of two years up to a certain amount in dollars. The local employer will then commit to provide employment for at least two more years full time salary. During the 2 year period the employee will be required to comply with mastering clearly defined goals in the clinical development, administrative, educational and research areas. Funding will be contingent on the demonstration of achievement in specific goals in each of these four domains. Our first contract was signed with the Municipality of Rosario (Argentina) and we look forward to great results. For additional information about this program and how to apply, please contact Liliana De Lima, our Executive Director here

Some of you may have noticed the changes in our website. In the upcoming weeks the look of our home page will continue to change as Anne Laidlaw, our webmaster, works to make it nicer and easier to navigate. One of the new features that we have is our new
IAHPC Open Forum on our website as a tool and service to our readers. In this forum you can request and provide information about hospice and palliative care issues including symptom management, development and administrative issues, nursing, spiritual, bereavement support and any other topic related to this field. We invite you to visit this exciting forum and take advantage of this great new service (no registration is required). You can access the forum by going to and then clicking on IAHPC Forum or by clicking directly on the forum's link at

We are very grateful to
IL Pensero Editores for their willingness to pay for the membership of 100 physicians from Italy. We also wish to thank Doctor Carla
, one of our Board Members, for her initiative that made this possible. Welcome to all of our new Italian members. We look forward to you participation in this great organization.

For those who are not yet members of IAHPC, we invite you to join our organization: Annual fee goes as low as US $10.00 (ten dollars) and with this small amount you will be supporting the development of palliative care in the world. IAHPC is a truly global organization with the capacity to bring together resources and programs in a network of collaboration.

Until next month,

Eduardo Bruera, MD
Chair, Board of Directors

Liliana De Lima, MHA
Executive Director

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