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2006; Volume 7 , No 11, November



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Thank You Notes


Dear Liliana,
I would like to acknowledge the receipt of the book, Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine. The palliative care team of MNJ Institute of Oncology and Regional Cancer Center, Hyderabad, greatly appreciates the work you are doing and would like to thank the IAHPC and you for the support extended.

Thank you,
Gayatri Palat, MD
Palliative Care Program
MNH Institute of Oncology and Regional Cancer Center
Hyderabrad, India




Thank you so much for the journals and books you have sent for our Palliative Care Library. The journals are especially appreciated since we travel long distances to see patients and the articles in the journals make the miles fly by as well as educating us!

Dr. Carla Simmons
Kitovu Mobile Home Care, Uganda



Thank you so very much for the gift of recent journals and publications on hospice and palliative care sent to my institution by IAHPC. These were very timely as we now embark on our comprehensive oncology program. The materials will be of immense benefit to faculty, staff and trainees here.

My sincere appreciation and gratitude to you and the organization and thank you again for the wonderful work in palliative care you are championing worldwide.

Dr. Andrew Amata
Chair, Department of Anesthesia
Aga Khan University & Hospitals
Nairobi, Kenya



Dear Liliana,

On behalf of the Kenyatta National Hospital palliative care unit/Team I wish to say a big Thank You for the donation from your Clearing House Program.

The books, especially "The Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine "will be very helpful to the undergraduate students who we have been allowed to give lectures to on Palliative Care. Your continued support is highly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Esther Munyoro



Hi Liliana,

I wanted to say thanks for the magazines and books that were sent to me from IAHPC as part of your in house clearing program. They were a very thoughtful collection. We particularly enjoyed and have used suggestions from the book on adult training. The book on HIV in women was also useful. Being a Paediatrician, I don’t know as much as I should about adult HIV and have forgotten a lot of my undergraduate Gynecology training. I often get asked questions by mothers of my patients: so the book is most useful. The pain articles were also interesting and will come in handy when I start my formal training.

Dr Michelle Meiring
Bigshoes Foundation
(formerly CHOMP)
South Africa