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Roger Woodruff, MD


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Hospice Palliative Care Book Reviews &
The Palliative Care Book of the Month

Roger Woodruff, MD

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Book of the Month

Person-Centred Care for Old People

Marlis Pörtner

PCCS Books, 2008
96 pp
ISBN 978 189 805 9998
RRP £13.00, $US25.75

found it difficult to put this book down.  In the opening chapter, Swiss psychotherapist Marlis Pörtner gives a most insightful description of her own ageing process and the effect it has had on the various aspects of her life.  She describes growing old as a strange experience, but underlines how it may be a period of liberation as well as one of inevitable losses.  After a chapter describing the history and nature of person-centred work, there are a number of chapters dealing with person-centred care for older people, which are equally applicable whether you are a health care professional or a lay carer.  It was a pleasure to read – the text is lean and the train of thought clear.  I particularly liked her liberal use of short anecdotes that explain what you should or shouldn’t say, do or not do, in trying to provide person-centred care.

Roger Woodruff
(May 2008)

Book Reviews

A Handbook for Adults

Atle Dyregrov

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2008
95 pp
ISBN 978 184 310 650 0
RRP £9.99  $US18.95 $AU26.95

Review copy supplied by Footprint Books www.footprint.com.au
This book is about grief in pre-school children, written by Norwegian psychologist Atle Dyregrov.  It covers all the questions that might come up for parents, family or kindergarten teachers.  The advice given and the reasons for it are clear.  It is enhanced by the liberal use of clinical anecdotes.  I think this book would be most useful for any adult helping a young child with grief and loss. 


A Self-help Guide

Thomas Hadjistavropoulos and Heather D. Hadjistavropoulos (Eds)

IASP Press, 2008
200 pp
ISBN 978 093 109 2 701
RRP $US29.95
I was impressed by this book.  In clear language it describes what pain is, how it should be assessed (questionnaires, scales, etc), and how it can be effectively managed.  There are chapters on the psychosocial aspects of pain as well as the role of exercise and nutrition.  The sections on physical care and exercise are well illustrated with photographs.  In general, chronic pain is often not well treated or fully appreciated, and I think this book would be a useful resource for an older adult seeking practical solutions for managing their chronic pain.


A Work Book

Rick Ritter

Loving Healing Press, 2006
89 pp
ISBN 978 193 269 018 7
RRP $US 17.95

Written by a disabled veteran who graduated as a social worker in his mid-40s, this book comprises more than fifty questions and exercises designed to empower those with physical loss and disability.  It looks easy to use and very practical and would be a useful resource in managing some of the patients we see. 



Donna Iona Drozda

Natural Press, 2003
56 pp
ISBN 0-9707676-0-9
RRP $US15.00.

In this richly illustrated book are a collection of very special Prayer Poems written to help those who care for the dying to maintain their spiritual balance.


A Healing Journey

Poem by Nanette Geertz, Paintings by Anne Ierardi

Health Signs Center, 2004
34 pp
ISBN 978 0 977658 305
RRP $US20.00

In this collaborative work, the prose is written by Nanette Geertz during the time she was grieving over the unexpected death of her 19-year-old daughter.  It is richly illustrated with paintings by Anne Ierardi.  The book is beautifully presented and has a warmth about it that I am sure would be a comfort to those who find themselves in a similar situation to Nanette Geertz.

Roger Woodruff
(May 2008)

Note for authors: If you wish to have your book reviewed, please contact the IAHPC office:

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Note: Review copies become property of IAHPC and are not returned to the author. Only palliative care related books which are previously approved will be reviewed. Due to the large number of requests, we can't provide exact dates of when books will be reviewed.

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