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2006; Volume 7, No 6, June



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IAHPC’s launches a NEW Hospice and Palliative Care Job Center

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What's New

The WHO Analgesic Ladder turns 20

An appraisal of the WHO Analgesic Ladder on its 20th anniversary is the focus of the current issue of Cancer Pain Release, the publication of the WHO Pain and Palliative Care Communications Program.

The issue features an interview with Dr. Kathleen Foley, former chair of the WHO Expert Committee on Cancer Pain Relief and Active Supportive Care, the group that drafted the WHO guidelines. Praised for its simplicity and clarity, criticized for its omissions, the WHO ladder remains an icon for analgesic drug therapy.

The issue highlights research supporting and refuting the WHO Analgesic Ladder and provides online links to the WHO source documents about the method to relieve cancer pain.

To read this issue online, visit:

To receive your own print copy of Cancer Pain Release, visit:


The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine – Announces a New Free Membership for physicians from countries on the HINARI List

I wanted to draw your attention to a new category of membership that was approved recently by the AAHPM board of directors. We now offer a free "International Corresponding" membership to physicians from countries on the HINARI list. The description is as follows:

"International Corresponding membership is available to physicians at the postgraduate level for whom a significant portion of their professional activity is related to palliative care, and who reside in a nation included on the HINARI lists of eligible countries ( Applicants must provide documentation that they reside in an eligible country. International Corresponding members receive electronic access only to periodicals and may not vote, hold office, or serve on AAHPM committees or task forces."

Please feel free to include this information in IAHPC publications and communications. The direct link to the online membership page is:

Anne Cordes
AAHPM Executive Director

IAHPC’s Announces a New Hospice
and Palliative Care Job Center

IAHPC has developed a new section of it’s website for positions in hospice and palliative care called the IAHPC Hospice and Palliative Care Job Center. Presently there are eleven jobs listed at the following URL:


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