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Volume 23, Number 2: February 2022

Members’ Impact

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An open access article by lead author Julia Downing, advisor to the IAHPC Board, and 18 coauthors was published in ecancermedicalscience in December 2021. Cancer and Palliative Care in COVID-19 and Other Challenging Situations—highlights from the Uganda Cancer Institute—Palliative Care Association of Uganda 3rd Uganda Conference on Cancer and Palliative Care, 23-24 September 2021, held in Kampala, Uganda and virtually is a conference report on key themes that included: the importance of universal health coverage; the impact of COVID-19 on the provision of cancer and palliative care; that both cancer care and palliative care are available in Uganda; and much more.

Wilson Astudillo is lead author of a research article, Foundations for Healthcare Workers in West and Central Africa, published in the British Journal of Cancer Research in October 2021. The article aims to promote a better understanding of the health situation in Africa. It cites the importance to take into account health deficiencies and cultural diversities while addressing the “great need to alleviate pain and suffering.” The article highlights the role of education for health care workers—who require support and protection—to improve the system.

Venita Eng and Victoria Hewitt coauthored a study with Aria Kekalih published in January 2022 in BMC Palliative Care. The goal of Preference for Initiation of End-of-Life Care Discussion in Indonesia: A quantitative study was to “describe preferences for the initiation of end-of-life care discussions” of the general population verses health care professionals. Results showed that more respondents would like to discuss end-of-life issues with a health care professional, preferably when speaking with their doctor at first diagnosis.

Jacek T. Soroka was the lead author of a qualitative study published in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care in March 2021. Terminal Delirium in Hospice: The experiences and perspectives of caregivers providing care to terminally ill patients in home settings aimed to “elicit views, feelings, and end-of-life care experiences of primary caregivers assisting dying persons with terminal delirium in hospice at home.” The results reported that “[t]he most distressing factors for caregivers were behaviors and symptomology of TD. They did not know what to say, how to respond, and how best to behave with someone who had delirium.”

Congratulations to our colleagues Liliana De Lima, Katherine Pettus, Julia Downing, Rosa Buitrago, Esther Munyoro, Chitra Venkateswaran, Sushma Bhatnagar, and Lukas Radbruch. They were recently recognized by the Journal of Palliative Medicine for authoring one of its most-accessed articles published in the last 25 years. The article, International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care Position Statement: Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, was published by the journal in 2017. This also serves as a tribute to Dr. Roger Woodruff, who passed away last year and was one of the coauthors. He felt very strongly against euthanasia and assisted suicide and we are glad his contribution lives on.

Members in This Month’s Newsletter

The IAHPC leadership would like to thank the many members who participated in stories and columns in this month’s newsletter.

A Short Bio of Derek Doyle, and Fond Remembrances
Special Report
Meet Some of Our Longtime Members
Members’ Impact

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List of Members

A list of individuals who joined, or renewed their membership with, IAHPC during the past month.

Membership renewals
Name Country
Zichao Xue Australia
Cheryl Nekolaichuk Canada
Kim P Adzich Canada
Nzale Nzali Arnold Democratic Republic of Congo
Alexander Armando Arita Alfaro El Salvador
Galilee Palliative Care Unit Greece
Pallavi Singh India
Seema Mishra India
Seema Rao India
Rina Ricci Ilarde Philippines
Indira Cancer Trust Sri Lanka
Heloisa Broggiato Switzerland
Nathalie Steiner Collet Switzerland
Maryna Lobodina Ukraine
Amir Radfar United States
Mark Schubauer United States
Duong Le Dai Vietnam
Stellah KANDEMIRI Zimbabwe
New members
Name Country
John Rosenberg Australia
Shyla Mills Australia
Lijiawei Li China
Ery Mario Rodríguez Maldonado Guatemala
Shubha Maudgal India
African Center for Research on End-of-Life Care Rwanda
Johanna Fourie South Africa
Islam Salikhanov Switzerland
Carolyn Read United States
Kristine Kowalski United States
Mataa Moses Mataa Zambia

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