Membership Matters

2020; Volume 21, No 1, January

Membership Matters

Meet Your Program Officer: Genevieve Napier

By Alison Ramsey, IAHPC Newsletter Editor

Serendipity — a happy result from unexpected events — sums up how Genevieve Napier came to IAHPC.

Genevieve and her father, Gayle Napier, showed off their holiday sweaters this Christmas. Photo by Brian Bumey. Used with permission.

Her career, before becoming Program Officer, was spent at large academic institutions, implementing systems and processes, creating strategic initiatives, and developing educational programs. She first worked in her home state, sunny Texas, then followed a job north to windy Chicago. While there, she opened her arms to Sullie, a rescued coon hound: “I was a sucker for a pretty face.”

Then everything changed.

Fed up with brutally cold winters and longing to rejoin her family and friends, but with no actual plan to move, she put her house up for sale on a whim. It sold at the first open house, which was all the convincing she needed to return to Texas. Jobless.

Within months, she joined IAHPC. The flexibility of working from home was alluring, but became invaluable when her parents’ health began to falter. And, unexpectedly, joining a small, nimble team gave even more opportunity to satisfy her love of shepherding projects from inception to completion.

“I like things to have a beginning, middle, and end.” (A family joke is that Genevieve “can be spontaneous, if you let me know when.”) At IAHPC, “we can change direction and accomplish things quicker — see results faster. It’s nice to see things all the way through.”

Genevieve’s home life also consists of projects. In houses, she likes the challenge of a fixer-upper (she’s on her third and scouting for a fourth), a trait inherited from her father, Gayle Napier. “There’s something very satisfying in designing and planning a home project, plus the pride you feel once it’s completed.”

Dad was a part-time preacher whose volunteering kept the house hopping, and his daughter inherited that trait, too. “I’m volunteering more now, because I have more time. It’s a good way to meet people with the same interests.”

When Sullie died a year ago, she added dog fostering to her other volunteer work after deciding not to own another. “She was a great dog, but high maintenance,” she laughs. She currently fosters Styx, who had been malnourished and abused. But the door, she admits, may not be firmly shut. “Maybe I’ll find a dog that fits,” she muses. “Who knows?”

New and Renewing Members' List

Your membership can make a world of difference.

A list of individuals who joined, or renewed their membership with, IAHPC during the past month.

Membership renewals
Name Country
Bayt Abdullah Children's Hospice (BACCH) Kuwait
Near North Palliative Care Network Canada
Ahmad Fawad Pirzad Afghanistan
Harmala Gupta India
Marvin Colorado El Salvador
Marco Antonio Rodriguez El Salvador
Cecilia Elizabeth Menjivar Deras El Salvador
Thuy Ly Nguyen Vietnam
Matias Najun Argentina
Maria De Los Angeles Minatel Argentina
Sofia Bunge Argentina
Socorro Cabello Mexico
Ahmad Fazlina Malaysia
Shiao Yen Khoo Malaysia
Wendy Gomez Garcia Dominican Republic
Alexandra Tatiana Fernandez Davila Ecuador
Miguel Bayona Colombia
Juliana Suárez Colombia
Ximena Garcia Colombia
Ana Maria Restrepo United States
Marie Caroline Sepulchre Chile
Stephen Claxton-Oldfield Canada
Armando Maldonado Chile
Carolina Andrea Jaña Pozo Chile
Genevieve Napier United States
Alison Ramsey United States
Barry R. Ashpole Canada
New members
Name Country
Associação Moçambicana de Cuidados Paliativos (MOPCA) Mozambique
Mongolian Palliative Care Society. Mongolia
Ecuadorian Foundation for Palliative Care (FECUPAL) Ecuador
Hospice Austria – National Organisation for Hospice and Palliative Care in Austria Austria
Polskie Towarzystwo Medycyny Paliatywnej (PTMP, Polish Association on Palliative Medicine) Poland
Asma Jamal Antara Bangladesh
Tonny Abdul MWABURY Lesotho
Diana Verónica Portillo Alvarado El Salvador
Muhammad Atif Waqar Pakistan
Marck Vincent Lucero Philippines
Kush Gupta India
Alejandro Zavala Calderon Mexico
Mariano Barresi Argentina
Salazar Escobar Valentina Colombia
Elizabeth Collanqui Peru
Julia Drummond Camargo Brazil
Maria Anastasia Lapetina Argentina
Angelica Cifuentes Guatemala
Sandra Mourelle Uruguay
Carolina Valdebenito Chile
Francisca Villouta Chile
Ana Ines Demarchi Chile
Monica Grez Chile
Leonardo Bartolotti Chile
Amir Radfar United States
Zichao Xue Australia
Ofelia Leiva Chile
Nathalie Steiner Collet Switzerland
Jorge Barros Chile
José Luis Castellano Cabrera Spain
Petra Rantanen United States

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