IAHPC Membership Matters

2019; Volume 20, No 9, September
Genevieve Napier, IAHPC Membership and Programs Officer

IAHPC Membership Matters

Your membership makes a world of difference.

Prizes a Highlight of Members’ Recognition Month

October is our Members’ Recognition Month, when we highlight the vital function that our members play in the advancement of our mission and formally acknowledge their support. IAHPC will be awarding one prize in each of the following two categories:

Recognizing Loyalty

Goal: to maintain the loyalty of members by giving a prize to those individuals and institution(s) who keep their memberships active over the years.

Conditions: The prize will be an IAHPC Traveling Scholarship or Traveling Fellowship of $2,000 USD. The winner will be assigned through a raffle among the members that meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility: Open to current IAHPC members (individuals and institutions) who have kept their membership active for at least two consecutive years by 31 October 2019. Institutions may be represented by a single designated individual.

Increasing Membership

Goal: to increase the number of members by giving a prize to the current member who brings the highest number of new or renewed members.

Conditions: The prize will be an IAHPC Travelling Scholarship or Traveling Fellowship of $2,000 USD. The current member who brings the highest number of new or renewed individual and/or institutional members until 31 October 2019 will be the winner.

Eligibility: Open to current IAHPC members (individuals and institutions). Since institutions have three staff members who benefit from the membership, institutional members must identify one staff member as their representative to participate in the Membership Recognition Award.

Anindividual member will count as 1 point towards the Membership Recognition Award. An institution will count as 2 points.

Note: IAHPC staff members, relatives and directors are not eligible to participate.

IAHPC Membership Benefits: Spread the word!

Below are just some of the great benefits available to our members:

Unlimited access/downloads of full text articles from leading journals, including the following palliative care journals:

Indian Journal of Palliative Care And many others, including:

(*Delay to full access by publisher)

To see the list of journals that your IAHPC Membership will enable you to access click here.

Unlimited access/downloads of palliative care tools and resources, such as the Palliative Care Reference Cards from the Institute of Palliative Medicine.

The privilege of supporting and participating in IAHPC’s mission and vision:

The right to participate in research projects.

The right to apply for travel grants to learn or teach

Access to our advocacy course and the possibility of participating in IAHPC delegations.

New and Renewing Members

Read the list of individuals who joined/renewed their membership with IAHPC during the past month.

Membership renewals
Name Country
Sayeda Quadir Bangladesh
Sandra Dolores Becker Brazil
Ancu Feng El Salvador
Vivienne T. Mitchel Guyana
Alex Jackson Chitani Malawi
Duncan Kwaitana Malawi
Evelyn Maseko Malawi
Bhawna Wagle Nepal
Ruth Powys Nepal
Gracia Eke Nigeria
Aleesha Alim Kassam Tanzania
Karen E. Groves United Kingdom
Ronald Sand United States
Duong Le Dai Vietnam
New members
Name Country
Alejandro Mauricio Rojas Valverde Belize
Gregorio Zuniga Villanueva Canada
Jyote Boora Canada
Zeyana Ramji Canada
Asociacion Dominicana Para El Estudio Tratamiento De Dolor y Cuidados Paliativos Dominican Republic
Egyptian Society for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Egypt
Alexander Armando Arita Alfaro El Salvador
Ãœlle Krikmann Estonia
Hellenic Society of Pain Management and Palliative Care (PARH.SY.A) Greece
Gaurav Kumar India
Christopher Kyalo Maundu Kenya
Emmanuel Mayakah Onduso Kenya
Liza Gatwiri Kenya
Children's Palliative Care Society Latvia
Manuela Bertão Portugal
Adriana Caruntu Romania
Uhagaze Rwanda Palliative Care and Hospice Organisation (RPCHO) Rwanda
Secretary General Swiss Society for Palliative Care Switzerland
Erikan Baluku Uganda
Opio Denis Uganda
Laura Mulligan United Kingdom
Tarun Nayyar United Kingdom
Charlotte Venious United States
Emily Sorman United States
Jessie Tenet United States
OhioHealth Hospice and Palliative Medicine United States
Syed Quadri United States
Hospice and Palliative Care Association of Zimbabwe (HOSPAZ) Zambia

See the full list of IAHPC members

Do you have any questions regarding membership issues?

Contact Ms. Genevieve Napier

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