Policy and Advocacy

2019; Volume 20, No 1, January

Policy and Advocacy

An end-of-one-year, start-of-the-next message from Dr. Katherine I. Pettus, PhD, IAHPC Advocacy Officer.

A Letter of Thanks and Hope

Dear Readers, Friends, and Colleagues,

Thank you for all your help and support this year, to IAHPC in general, and to the advocacy program in particular. Palliative care is a team sport, and we could not have done it without you. This month’s Newsletter showcases the fabulous work IAHPC is doing with partners around the world to advance our core mission or to alleviate suffering wherever possible.

(Clockwise, starting top left) With the Asociación Salvadoreña para el estudio, tratamiento del dolor y cuidados paliativos and Deans of medical and nursing schools in San Salvador, El Salvador; with Giovanna Abbiati, Fondazione Maruzza, at the 68th Session of the WHO Europe Meeting in Rome; with Dr. Sébastien Moine, Gulnara Kunirova, and Dr. Santiago Correa, at the Global Primary HealthCare Conference, Astana, Kazakhstan; and with UCLA Global Health graduate students (Pamela Secada, Jennifer Parratt, and Nicholas Gerken) and Dr. Natalia Arias Casais (Atlantes Project) at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

You are an integral part of that mission. Looking back over the year, I think that we can be proud of our efforts in the international arena that I hope are inspiring and supporting your efforts at the regional and national levels. Most of these actions are documented, with hotlinks to key speeches and articles, on our website’s Advocacy Page.

Please have your Association make a New Year’s resolution to identify at least one member to apply for our free basic advocacy training course, a webinar available to all IAHPC members in the summer of 2019.

Notable 2018 Accomplishments
Key Advocacy Goals for 2019

FYI: You can consult our Advocacy Note for the WHO Executive Board Meeting in January 2019.

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of our partners and collaborators whose hard work and good spirits keep the vision of palliative care for all alive every day. A collaborative and supportive ethos is the key to our current and future success. May 2019 be a year to build on, and learn from, the accomplishments and challenges of 2018!

Editor’s Note: Dr. Pettus has also written a blog on the topic of the IAHPC’s new Palliative Care Definition, ‘The Stakes of Not Endorsing the New IAHPC (Consensus Based) Definition of Palliative Care.’


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