IAHPC Membership Matters

2018; Volume 19, No 10, October

IAHPC Membership Matters

October is Member Recognition Month:

Win an IAHPC Traveling Scholarship or Fellowship!

IAHPC benefits every day from the hard work of our members who are devoted to the advancement of hospice and palliative care worldwide. Members exemplify a continuing commitment to patient care, improved education, and favorable policies consistent with our mission.

October is our Members’ Recognition Month, when we highlight the vital function that our members play in the advancement of our mission and formally acknowledge their support. We will announce the winners the week of November 26; they will be featured in an upcoming Newsletter.

IAHPC will be awarding a prize in each of the following two categories:

1) Recognizing Loyalty:

Note: Institutions may be represented by a single designated individual.

2) Increasing Membership

Note: Individual members count as 1 point; Institutions as 2 points.

Please note that IAHPC staff, their relatives, and directors are not eligible to participate.

Remember: you must renew your membership to be eligible to participate!

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Reviews from IAHPC Traveling

Get Ready for the 2019 Traveling Scholarships

Dust off your CV and get ready to submit your application to secure one of IAHPC’s 2019 Traveling Scholarships. The number of scholarships will be confirmed at a meeting of the IAHPC executive in October, and will be published in the November issue.

Applications should be received at least three months in advance of the event.

The first conference for which the 2019 Traveling Scholarships are expected to be awarded is the 16th World Annual European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) Congress taking place in Berlin, Germany, from 23-25 May 2019.

Two others are: the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference (OPCC) from 10-13 September 2019 in Perth, Australia; and the 6th International African Palliative Care Conference on September 17-20, 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Traveling Scholarship program offers funding for travel and registration to conferences, workshops, congresses, and events. You need to secure funding from other sources to cover additional expenses.

Applicants must be current IAHPC members when applying as well as at the time of the conference, workshop, congress or event. If you wish to apply and are not an IAHPC member, you may join by clicking here.

Preference is given to applicants:

New and Renewing Members' List

Read the list of individuals who joined/renewed their membership with IAHPC during the past month.

Membership renewals
Name Country
Artashes Tadevosyan Armenia
Kevin Bezanson Canada
Jose Mario Lopez Saca El Salvador
Hana Rizmadewi Agustina Indonesia
John S Duco Liberia
Diana Katiman Malaysia
Hospice of the Angels HOLA Mexico
Amie Lyn D Pamplona Masecampo Philippines
Chitra Weerakkody Sri Lanka
Matthias Brian Sweden
Deborah Ajulu Uganda
Tharin Phenwan United Kingdom
Nina H. Diamond United States
Bradley Brazill United States
Hanan Saca-Hazbound West Bank and Gaza
New members
Name Country
Sabar Health Home Hospice and Hospital Israel
John Muwonge Uganda
Jeromel Lapitan Philippines
Mari Joanne Joson Philippines
Shella Akil-Bravo Philippines
Barbara Amity Flores Philippines
Maria Emmylou Nicolas-Casem Philippines
Martha Lucia Arquez Roa Colombia
Manuel Latorre Quintana Colombia
Karen Tatiana Lara Ospina Colombia
Maria Van Den Muijsenbergh Netherlands
Nauzley Abedini United States
Alex Deane Australia

See the full list of IAHPC members

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