IAHPC Membership Matters

2018; Volume 19, No 8, August

IAHPC Membership Matters

Your Institutional Benefits for Your Post-Grad Students

Post-graduate students who are enrolled in a palliative care program in an academic institution that is a current IAHPC Institutional Member are eligible for a one-year free IAHPC membership. The academic institution must be an IAHPC member and the educational program must be listed in the IAHPC global directory of educational programs.

The offer includes students enrolled in a palliative care Diploma, Master’s, or PhD program, as well as those taking specialist training, such as Interns, Residents, and Fellows in palliative care.

Post-graduates can sign up here.

New and Renewing Members' List

Read the list of individuals who joined/renewed their membership with IAHPC during the past month.

Membership renewals
Name Country
Avetis Babakhanyan Armenia
Helen-Anne Manion Australia
Cledy Eliana Dos Santos Brazil
A M Nina Horvath Canada
Natalie Rodriguez Zamora Chile
Mohd Yunus Khilji India
Stephen Manchester Kenya
Rosa M Alvarez Mexico
Socorro Cabello Mexico
Alick Kayange Tanzania
Esther Walker United Kingdom
Judith Paice United States
Kathleen Grimm United States
Gabriela Piriz Alvarez Uruguay
New members
Name Country
Maria Alice Viegas Papanicolau Brazil
Meina Dubetz Canada
Karla Escalona Chile
Nabanita Mandal India
Arve Nordboe Norway
Marycon Fia Adel Munoz Philippines
Shannon Odell South Africa
Fortunatus Mwangaba Tanzania
Timothy Felong United States
Sonal Admane United States

See the full list of IAHPC members

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