Editor’s Corner

2018; Volume 19, No 1, January

Editor’s corner

This month’s newsletter features The Lancet Commission Report on Palliative Care and Pain Relief, published online in October, that quantified serious health-related suffering worldwide, measured the opioid gap, identified the many in need who lack access to palliative care, constructed an Essential Package for pain relief and palliative care, presented pathways for improvement, and much more.

‘Typically, these reports byline authorship to senior authors. We decided to give it to the people who contributed the most,’ noted lead author Felicia Knaul. IAHPC board member Dr. Eric Krakauer is the 2nd author listed, while IAHPC Executive-Director Liliana De Lima and IAHPC Chair Lukas Radbruch are also co-authors. ‘Liliana did a tremendous amount of work in guiding us, but also in giving moral support. She had a huge role to play in all aspects of the report. The anchor points of the work are her papers... She’s a fantastic collaborator. No task was too small, or too big.’

Dr. Krakauer offers a personal facet to the issue of serious health-related suffering in his companion essay, ‘Lưông y pha như t mu: A doctor’s duty.’

Happy reading, and good wishes for a new year.

Alison Ramsey
Senior Editor


Due to an editing error, Nasur Buyinza’s first name was misspelled in part of December’s Traveling Scholar’s report.

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