Editor’s Corner

2017; Volume 18, No 5, May

Editor’s corner

Welcome to the May issue of the IAHPC Newsletter. We’re delighted to welcome two guest writers to this issue: Prof. Rosa Buitrago, Dean of the School of Pharmacy at the University of Panama, and an IAHPC Board member, writes about New psychoactive substances: A new barrier to the provision of palliative care? on the Featured Article page, and Willem Scholten is our Guest Editor of the Policy and Advocacy page while Katherine is busily involved in workshops in Uruguay and Argentina (more on those in the June issue!). Willem writes about a recent call on medical journals to raise awareness of the importance of communicating clearly in ways that benefit patients. And on the Traveling Scholar’s page, Dr. Nahla Gafer from Sudan gives a glimpse of her personal journey into palliative care.

As always, many grateful thanks to everyone who has contributed to this issue. I hope very much to meet some of the people who work so hard to make palliative care a reality at the EAPC Congress in Madrid later this month.

All good wishes,

Avril Jackson
Senior Editor

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