Resources and Announcements

2017; Volume 18, No 3, March

Resources and Announcements

Each month, we publish a limited selection of items that may be of interest to our global readership. Contributions are welcomed but please observe the following:

Please also consider promoting your education and training events in the IAHPC Global Directory of Education in Palliative Care. It’s quick and easy – just submit your content online.

IAHPC Annual Report 2016

The IAHPC Annual Report for 2016 its out!! The Report is packed with photos and interesting information about our programs, the IAHPC grantees and much more.

IAHPC Annual Report for 2016

IAHPC Position Statement on Euthanasia and Physician-assisted Suicide – free access to all

Did you know that we released our position statement on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in the Journal of Palliative Medicine? The position statement was published in Volume: 20 Issue 1: January 1, 2017. The article is available on open access so anyone can read and download it.

IAHPC Executive Director interviewed in Cancer World

Efforts to improve symptom control near the end of life have received more attention in recent years, but the impact is often frustratingly small. In an article in Cancer World titled, Why is the end-of-life experience still not improving? Simon Crompton asks where we are going wrong. Among many people interviewed for this article is our Executive Director, Liliana De Lima.

Liliana De Lima says the key ingredients for improving end-of-life care are political will and palliative care champions. “Each country needs people who are energised and keep pursuing their agenda to push it forward.”

Download a copy of Why is the end-of-life experience still not improving? CancerWorld, No. 6, January 2017.

A platform for those nearing the end of life to connect with their loved ones – free online resource

Kaan Kocturk from Toronto, Canada, introduces a new website he has created

Inspired by BJ Miller’s TED talk ‘What really matters at the end of life’, I have created a platform for those nearing the end of their lives to connect with loved ones after their death. It’s simple and free to use.

The user writes a letter, customizes its appearance, perhaps even attaches a video and we deliver it to the person of choice on the date of choice. You can use the site to express emotions previously held back, celebrate the birthday of a loved one, pass on life lessons or perhaps comfort those that are going to be left behind.

I like to think of it as an emotional will. The user takes comfort both while writing the letter due to the emotional discharge and in knowing that their loved ones will be granted some final form of closure. You can reach the website here or email me for more information.

IAHPC Traveling Scholarships to the 5th International Public Health and Palliative Care Conference

The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) is pleased to announce it will provide:

Deadline for applications: May 15, 2017. Results will be announced by early July.

Applicants from all disciplines are welcome. In order to apply for a traveling scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Preference will be given to applicants:

Winners of the scholarships can apply the scholarship funds to offset the cost of their travel and accommodations.

More detailed information about the application process and the online form are available at the IAHPC website here.

If you need information on how to apply please contact Genevieve Napier, IAHPC Manager of Programs and Projects.

Clinical Professor/Reader/Senior Lecturer in Palliative Care/Consultant in Palliative Medicine

Cicely Saunders Institute of Palliative Care, Policy and Rehabilitation, King’s College London is recruiting a Clinical Professor/Reader/Senior Lecturer in Palliative Care/Consultant in Palliative Medicine.

The post is located in Denmark Hill, London, UK, and is open to a global audience.

Closing date for applications: 6 April 2017. View more information here.

For an informal discussion to find out more about the role, please contact Professor Irene Higginson on +44 (0)20 7848 5516.

Media Watch celebrates 500th edition

Barry Ashpole, creator of Media Watch

Media Watch, the respected weekly digest of current articles and reports from the fields of health and social care, recently chalked up its 500th edition on the IPCRC (International Palliative Care Resource Center) website.

This advocacy, research and teaching tool is also a much-valued part of the IAHPC newsletter, and each month we publish a selection of abstracts with links to the full article and to the weekly posting on the IPCRC website.

The creator of Media Watch is Barry Ashpole whose involvement in hospice and palliative care dates from 1985. As a communications consultant, he has been involved in or responsible for a broad range of initiatives at the community, regional, provincial and national level. Barry’s current work focuses primarily on advocacy and policy development in addressing issues specific to those living with a terminal illness – both patients and families. In recent years, he has applied his experience and knowledge to education, developing and teaching on-line and in-class college courses on different aspects of end-of-life care, and facilitating issue specific workshops, primarily for frontline care providers.

Thank you Barry for your great contribution to the IAHPC Newsletter. You can view Barry’s selected abstracts for this month on the Media Watch page.

View the full range of abstracts, and Barry’s biosketch on the International Palliative Care Resource Center website.

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