Editor’s Corner

2016; Volume 17, No 12, December

Editor’s corner

Welcome to the last newsletter of the year. It’s a big one that perhaps reflects the huge amount of work that people involved in palliative care across the globe contribute, often in the most difficult circumstances. Yet, these are the people who still find the time to write for us. But there is still much to do, as Prof. Rosa Buitrago, this month’s guest writer, reminds us in the Featured Article – Pain is still there.

We’re pleased to introduce a new page in the newsletter: IAHPC Membership Matters. Please keep an eye on this for all things relating to membership including the lists of New and Renewing Members and Donors. Please check out the new page and read all about the IAHPC Recognition Awards 2016.

Sincere and grateful thanks to all who have contributed this month, and to everyone who has worked so hard this past year, in all capacities, to keep our newsletter a source of inspiring stories, crucial updates on policy and advocacy and informative reviews, abstracts and news items that help to keep our readers informed and up to date.

All good wishes – happiness and peace in the year to come.

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