2016; Volume 17, No 9, September


We are very grateful to the following individuals and organizations that donated to support our mission:

Up to $99.00
Natalia Carafizi Moldova
Amazon Smile USA
Debra Tarter USA
Gail and Jerry Zella USA
Peter and Denise Basel USA
Robert C. Checcia USA
Rosann Rolchigo USA
Ruth Murphy USA
Thomas and Doborah Kury USA
Victoria Granados USA
Virginia H. Clough USA

Help promote the development of palliative care across the world

Help promote and advance palliative care throughout the world by donating to IAHPC. The proceedings will go to a revolving fund to support program development and membership from developing countries. If you would like to support our work please donate here. IAHPC is a charitable organization so donations to the organization are tax deductible. A copy of the IRS 501(c)3 determination letter is available upon request from IAHPC.

You can help IAHPC when you buy through Amazon at no additional cost to you! Buy through Amazon Smile program and Amazon will donate a portion of the sale to IAHPC. To do this, click or copy and save the link below:

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