Editor’s corner

2015; Volume 16, No 5, May

Editor’s corner

Welcome to the May edition of the IAHPC Newsletter, which includes an article by Dr. Katherine Pettus, the IAHPC Advocacy Officer on the last Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna and access to medicines as well as two great articles from Board members. Dr. Sushma Bhatnager looks ahead and explains the reality of what needs to be done to achieve a ‘Pain free India’. Dr. William Farr looks back on the 19-year history of the IAHPC Newsletter, conjuring up some wonderful images of preparations on a dining room table! The article also provides a valuable record of the evolution of the IAHPC.

I know that many IAHPC Board members and staff, as well as our readers, will be in Copenhagen next week for the 14th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care, and I hope to meet some of you there. And we’ll be looking forward to hearing firsthand from IAHPC Traveling Scholars about their experiences at the congress in upcoming editions of the newsletter.

Many thanks to everyone for your contributions and input to this edition, and special thanks and good wishes to Dr. Farr for a good recovery.

Avril Jackson
Senior Editor

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