2015; Volume 16, No 1, January


Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance launches new report on Universal Health Coverage Day

The first-ever Universal Health Coverage Day was celebrated on 12 December 2014 with a call to action of ‘health for all’. The Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance, one of the founding global partners for the Day, has released a report on ‘Palliative Care and Universal Health Coverage: Do not leave those suffering behind’. The report highlights how palliative care is often not available and accessible to those who need it, and that around the world households are facing serious financial hardship through the reduction of income because people are unable to work due to their life-limiting illness, or because household earners are caring for their family members. The report gives recommendations on how to ensure that all of those who need it, including the poorest, can access palliative care services. Read more information about Universal Health Coverage Day.

Hot topics in palliative care: Sedation in palliative care – indications and guidelines

The Centre for Palliative Care and St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne invite you to view a video and PowerPoint presentation for the Hot Topics in Palliative Care forum presented by Assistant Professor Jennifer Philip. The lecture-style presentation covers indications and guidelines around sedation in palliative care, followed by a multidisciplinary discussion with the following panelists:

After the lecture, three cases are discussed which are all fictitious but based on real life patient-clinician scenarios. Click here to play the video.

Download the presentation slides: Sedation in Palliative Care – Indications and Guidelines slides.

PREPARE – now available in Spanish

PREPARE uses videos and personal stories to help people identify what matters most in life, communicate with loved ones and clinicians, and make informed medical decisions based on their values. Now, thanks to generous support from the California Healthcare Foundation, PREPARE is available in Spanish as well as English.

Help to spread the word…

The PREPARE team are keen to share this resource widely.

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