2014; Volume 15, No 4, April


The ALCP Atlas of Palliative Care in Latin America

The Latin American Association for Palliative Care launched the cartographic edition of the ALCP Atlas during the Latin American Congress of Palliative Care in Colombia a few weeks ago. This is the first systematic study which presents information on 19 Latin American Countries (Spanish and Portuguese speaking). Since its start in the eighties, palliative care has developed gradually in the region. Currently, there are 922 services in 19 countries or 1.6 services/teams/units per million inhabitants, reflecting the fact that the vast majority of patients with palliative care needs do not have access to treatment. The ALCP Atlas is available online in the ALCP website and can be downloaded for free.

The link to the Atlas.
Cartographic edition.

Free online Internet Memorial Tributes

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