2014; Volume 15, No 12, December


IAHPC Recognition Awards 2014

Some years ago, we designated October as Members’ Recognition Month to build awareness and understanding of the vital function that our members play in the advancement of our mission, as well as to formally acknowledge their support. Every year we give two prizes to members in the categories ‘Recognizing loyalty’, for keeping their memberships active, and ‘Increasing membership’ for bringing the highest number of new or renewed members.

We are delighted to introduce this year’s winners, Josephine Muya from Kenya and Dr Mitsuru Sakitani from Japan.

Josephine Wanja Muya – Increasing Membership Award

“What inspires me to encourage people to join the IAHPC is the numerous benefits that members enjoy, such as opportunities for scholarships to pursue higher education in palliative care as well as travelling scholarships to attend palliative care conferences around the world. Members also enjoy access to the palliative care journals available on the IAHPC website. I remain thankful to the IAHPC for this recognition.”
Josephine Wanja Muya, Increasing Membership Award winner, 2014.

Josephine Muya is the Admin Assistant of Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA) in Nairobi, the overarching body that supports all aspects of hospice and palliative care in Kenya. Before joining KEHPCA in 2007 Josephine was a volunteer at the Kenya Cancer Association. She has been instrumental in creating palliative care awareness in Kenya and is actively involved in fundraising from local partners and friends. In November 2014, Josephine was nominated by KEHPCA for the IAHPC Members' Recognition Award for working closely with Dr Zipporah Ali in recruiting the highest number of members to IAHPC in the year.

Josephine holds a Diploma in Business Management from the Kenya Institute of Management and is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Daystar University in Nairobi. In her spare time she enjoys socializing, and loves making and decorating greeting cards. She has a gift for making beautiful things that bring a smile to many faces.

Dr Mitsuru Sakitani, MD, PhD – Recognizing Loyalty Award

“I am honored to receive the IAHPC membership recognition prize for 2014 and the scholarship to the EAPC 2015 World Congress in Copenhagen. This greatly encourages my palliative care team in Kobe and my collaborators on medical and philosophical research in Japan. Thank you very much for your warm interest in my difficult research projects isolated in an oriental country (Japan).”
Dr. Mitsuru Sakitani, Recognizing Loyalty Award winner 2014.

Dr. Mitsuru Sakitani (MD, PhD) is Japanese by birth and grew up as a minority Christian (fewer than 0.6% of Japan’s population are Christian). After graduating in medicine, his research interests as a postgraduate and research fellow at Kyoto University were focused on clinical-molecular oncology, palliative care and philosophy-religion. (Kyoto, with its rich cultural heritage of Shintoism, Buddhism and Japanese traditional arts, is the center of Japanese spirituality).

In 1997, Dr. Sakitani founded the Institute for Cross-Cultural Communication (ICCC), in Kobe, Japan, to integrate wide-ranging studies on medical science and the humanities into unified palliative care in a transcultural perspective. He later published eight monographs in Japanese and articles in English, French and German, including molecular oncogenesis of HTLV-1; molecular targeted therapy; holistic transcultural palliative care; psychotherapy for existential distress; comparative studies on Christianity and Buddhism, and genetic and cultural diversity in Japan. His research projects have focused on four axes: oncology and palliative care; Viktor E. Frankl’s logotherapy and palliative care; science and philosophy; and the synthesis of the Occident and the Orient.

Dr Sakitani is director of ICCC, director of the Kobe Yuyunosato Clinic, a member of the Kyoto Society of Philosophy at the Kyoto University, research fellow of the Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology Association, and a member of the Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine and other palliative care institutions. As such, he devotes most of his time to relief from total pain of his patients with terminal illness.

We are delighted to award Josephine and Mitsuru IAHPC Traveling Scholarships to attend the 2015 World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care in Copenhagen and wish them well for the future.

Scholarships for Pediatric Pain Master Class, including clinical practicum, for physicians from low- moderate-income countries

Funded by The Foundation of Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, the Children's Institute for Pain & Palliative Care (CIPPC) is offering two competitive scholarships to physicians from low and moderate-income countries that are currently working in the field of pediatric pain and/or palliative care. The scholarships are available for Pediatric Pain Master Class, plus a clinical practicum with the Pain and Palliative Care Team Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 15-26 June 2015.

Click here for application guidelines. Past Scholars include physicians from Dominican Republic, Malawi, Uruguay, Ghana, Costa Rica, India, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Russia, China, South Africa and Vietnam.

Deadline for applications: 5 January 2015.

Call for 2015 Award Nominations – APOS

APOS (American Psychosocial Oncology Society) is accepting nominations for its 2015 awards, as shown below. These awards will be presented at the World Congress of Psycho-Oncology July 30 – August 1, 2015.