Traveling Scholarships and Fellowships

2013; Volume 14, No 11, November

Traveling Scholarships and Fellowships


IAHPC Traveling Scholar's Report – Asia Pacific Hospice Conference (APHC), 2013

A report by Dr. Odontuya Davaasuren (Mongolia)

In Mongolia, with a population of 3 million about 16,000 people die annually and 10,000 of them need palliative care. About 3,500 people die of cancer and 6,500 of non-cancer diseases such as stroke, multiple drug resistant tuberculosis (TB), COPD, CHF, congenital diseases, etc.

Cancer palliative care is included in the National Cancer Control Program, and all oncologists in the 21 provinces of Mongolia and 9 districts of Ulaanbaatar are educated in palliative care and can prescribe free morphine for their palliative care patients. Non-cancer palliative care is still not well developed, and there is an urgent need to develop pediatric palliative care

During this Conference, I found that pediatric palliative care is an important issue in many Asian Pacific countries. Children need palliative care not just because of cancer, but because of problems like congenital malformations, cerebral palsy and other neurological problems. Cancer within the pediatric population is very different from adult cancer and needs a specialized pediatric palliative care team.

I found that in many countries there is a great need of specialized HIV palliative care, but in our country tuberculosis is a very important issue. We hope that in the future we will have pediatrics, TB and HIV palliative care. The material presented in the APHC 2013 will help me provide advocacy on these important issues.

I would like to thank the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) for providing me a traveling scholarship to attend this meeting.

Dr. Odontuya Davaasuren
General Practice Department, St. Zorig 5, Health Sciences University of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



Traveling Scholarships

The following individuals received grants to support their travels during the last month:

Year Traveling Scholar City, Country of Origin City, Country of Destination Name of Meeting/Event/Activity
October 2013 Anze Habjan Kropa, Slovenia Munich, Germany PALLIATIVE CARE FÃœR SEELSORGENDE (Spiritual support in PC)
October 2013 Eduardo Mario Mutto Buenos Aires, Argentina Pamplona, Spain Rotacion Academica Clinica Universitaria de Navarra
October 2013 Alaa Rihan Beirut, Lebanon Houston, USA Elective in PC MD Andreson
October 2013 Victor Rolando Samayoa Morales Guatemala, Guatemala Victoria, Canada intensive course of palliative care

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