2012; Volume 13, No 11, November


Palliative Care in Developing Countries

The journal Progress in Palliative Care has published a special edition on Palliative Care in Developing Countries.

This edition provides information on the status of palliative care in four developing countries (Argentina, India, Jordan, and Ukraine) and the work of three regional organizations (the African Palliative Care Association, the European Association for Palliative Care, and the Latin American Association for Palliative Care) in helping palliative care development in countries with limited resources. It will also be very helpful in bringing attention to global issues and the efforts to improve palliative care globally.

The titles and authors in this special edition are:

This special edition was prepared by invitation of the Editor-in-chief, Professor Mellar Davis, and with the effort of the authors who contributed by sharing their experiences, advice and wisdom.

Many thanks to all them!

To access the special edition click here.

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Available Now: A Spanish version of the WHO Policy Guidelines Ensuring Balance in National Policies on Controlled Substances.

With the support of IAHPC and the Open Society Foundations, a Spanish version of the guidelines has been published. It is entitled “Garantizando el equilibrio en las políticas nacionales sobre sustancias fiscalizadas.” “Orientación para la disponibilidad y accesibilidad de los medicamentos fiscalizados”. It provides 21 guidelines on policies and legislation with regards to availability, accessibility, affordability and regulation of controlled medicines.

An electronic version in Spanish, as well as in the 14 additional languages published previously, may be downloaded free of charge here.

Please note that the reference list is a separate document. Hardcopies of the WHO Policy Guidelines in Spanish can be pre-ordered at the WHO Bookshop and will be shipped in November.

From the WHO Access and Control October Newsletter here.

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