Getting Started

Getting Started: Guidelines and Suggestions
for those Starting a Hospice / Palliative Care Service 2nd Edition

3rd edition coming soon!

Table of Contents

Section Page
Introduction 4
What is Palliative Care? 5
Principles of Palliative Care 6
Management of a new hospice or palliative care service 7
A Hospital Palliative Care Unit (HPCU) 8
Hospital Palliative Care Team (HPCT) 9
Free Standing Inpatient Unit / Hospice 10
Hospice / Palliative Care Day Care Unit 11
Community Palliative Care Services (CPCS) 12
Pre Service Orientation and Training 13
Professional Education and Training 14
Hospice / Palliative Care Volunteers 15
Communicating with Patients, Public, Professionals, Press and Politicians 16
Documentation: Patients clinical records and other essential documents 17
Appendix 17
The Final Preparations 18
Sources of Useful Information 19
Recommended Reading 20
Recommended Journals 21