IAHPC Scholarship Program Application

IAHPC Scholarship Program Application

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IAHPC believes that palliative care workers, in addition to being health care providers, may also be effective agents of change in their own countries and settings.

The goal of the IAHPC Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance to palliative care professionals to participate events that will enable them to improve palliative care in their settings. These should ultimately lead to better and adequate policies and/or institutional norms, increased access to palliative care as well as access to essential medicines for pain relief and palliative care.

In the space below describe your anticipated outcomes from participating in this event. Be specific on how you will use your new knowledge and skills to improve palliative care one or more of the categories below in your country, and/or municipality, and/or institution:

  • Education
  • Access to essential medicines
  • Care provision
  • Policies

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