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2005; Volume 6, No 9, September



Many ways to help support palliative care.

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Call for IAHPC Board Nominations

The IAHPC is proud to announce a public call for nominations to the IAHPC Board of Directors. IAHPC Members are encouraged to send in nominations of palliative care and hospice care leaders with demonstrated interest in the development of international palliative care initiatives and issues.

Candidates may be located in any country and have various professional backgrounds (medical, nursing, psychology, social work, administrative, policy, chaplaincy, etc) and must fulfill the following criteria:

1. Both nominee and nominator must be active members of the IAHPC.

2. Have demonstrated work and commitment in palliative/hospice care in his/her field

3. Be a recognized leader and currently holding a senior position within a hospice, hospital, palliative care/hospice organization or any other entity

4. Have demonstrated willingness to participate and work in the board activities

5. Have demonstrated interest in international palliative and hospice care issues

6. Be able to effectively communicate in English

7. Candidates must have access to the Internet and hold an active email account because most Board discussions, and votes, are carried out via email.

The maximum number of candidates that can be nominated by each member is one. Deadline for nominations is October 30th, 2005. To submit a nomination, please send a copy of the CV of the candidate, plus a brief paragraph describing how the candidate meets the criteria via email to the office of the Executive Director at [email protected]

The term of the new members will begin on January 1st, 2006 and will end December 31st, 2009. The new directors will be elected by a vote of the current Directors. New members will be announced early December 2005.

A copy of the IAHPC bylaws may be requested via email at the same address.

We look forward to your participation in this process and encourage you to nominate qualifying candidates.

IAHPC Board of Directors

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