2009; Volume 10, No 5, May

Roberto Wenk, MD Liliana De Lima, MHA


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Message from the Chair and Executive Director

Meet Roberto Wenk, MD, the Chair of IAHPC

Article of the Month, by Carla Ripamonti, MD (Italy)

Traveling Fellow’s Report - Siberia by Maureen Gill (UK)

Traveling Scholar’s Report - Uruguay by Eve Namisango (Uganda)

Palliative Care in Oncology - Russia by Olga Usenko (USA)

Regional Report from Saudi Arabia by Mohammad Zafir Al-Shahri, MD (Saudi Arabia)

Palliative Care Book of the Month and Book Reviews by Dr. Roger Woodruff (Australia)

Call for Presentations – M.D. Anderson Conference, USA



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Message from the Chair
and Executive Director

Roberto Wenk, MD (Argentina)
Liliana De Lima, MHA (USA)

Dear readers:

As we mentioned in a past edition, we have adopted several changes to the criteria for awarding grants. With these changes we hope to improve participation of individuals from developing countries in courses, congresses and meetings that we believe present useful opportunities to network, improve skills and further knowledge.

Through our awards, we provide scholarships to individuals from developing countries to support their travel to various educational programs. The selected congresses and meetings have to be international and must also include specific topics that are relevant to individuals from developing countries. Preference is given to applicants who have an accepted poster and/or oral presentation.

Using these criteria, we have awarded eighteen new IAHPC Traveling Scholarship grants during the past month, they are:

The Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC), Vienna:

  • Olatunji Alese - Clinical Fellow University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.

  • Samy A. Alsirafy – Lecturer, Kasr Al-Aini School of Medicine, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt.

  • Mariela Bertolino – Coordinator Palliative Care Unit, Hospital Tornu-Fundacion FEMEBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Julia Downing - Executive Director, African Palliative Care Association, Uganda, Africa

  • Om Khantey - Chief department Institution Douleurs Sans Frontieres, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  • Irene Laska - Homecare Manager in Palliative Care Centre, Korce, Albania.

  • Hebah Osman - Assistant professor of Public Health and Family Medicine, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

  • Ahmad Fawad Pirzad - Director of EDC Kabul Medical University, Kabul, Afghanistan.

  • Rene Rodriguez - Coordinador Pain and Palliaitive Care Clinic, Universidad Libre, Cali, Colombia.

  • Tamari Rukhadze - Palliative Care Service Coordinator National Cancer Centre, Palliative Care Association "Humanists' Union", Tbilisi, Georgia.

  • Laimute Rozukiene - Head Nurse, Kaunas Nursing Hospital/Hospice Lithuania.

  • Elena Vvedenskaya - Head of palliative care in HIV/AIDS regional program, Nizhny, Novgorod, Russia.

The 11th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology, sponsored by the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) in Vienna:

  • Chioma Asuzu - Director, Lola Marinho Psycho-oncology Centre, Department of Radiotherapy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

  • Irena Jivkova Bildireva - Clinical Psychologist, Regional Cancer Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Tamara Kikovac – Psychologist and Family Psychotherapist, National Institute for Oncology and Radiology, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
  • Fatia Kiyange - Training and Standards Manager, African Palliative Care Association, Kampala, Uganda.
  • Adriana Thomaz Silva - Chair Pain and Palliative Care, Diagnosis and Treatment Cancer Center CENTRON, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Flinders University Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care

Doctor Subathra Muthukumaran, consultant in Palliative care from Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Clinic in Chennai, India, received an IAHPC Traveling Scholarship to attend the classroom intensive for the 4th uptake of Flinders University Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care at the National Cancer Institute in Singapore.

Congratulations to all these scholars for being selected. We look forward to their reports after their return from these educational experiences.

IAHPC Traveling Fellowship:

Last month we were able to support Maureen Gill, Nurse Consultant in palliative care from the UK, to attend the First International Conference on Palliative Care in Oncology in Kemerovo City in the Kuzbass region of Siberia, FSU. We are delighted this meeting went so well and that we were able to support it through our sponsorship of nurse Gill whose report appears in this newsletter. This edition of the newsletter also includes a brief summary of the meeting provided by Dr. Olga Usenko, who is from Russia, but is now living in the USA.

We also granted a Traveling Fellowship to Ms. Estela Jaime, the volunteer coordinator from Programa Argentino de Medicina Paliativa – Fundacion FEMEBA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to travel to Cali, Colombia later this month. Ms Jaime will be a host in the Fundacion de Cuidados Paliativos Imbanaco where she will spend two weeks training the volunteers and also teaching the foundation committee on strategies for recruiting, training and motivating volunteers working in palliative care.

We look forward to Ms Jaime’s report about her trip.

Reflections on India - Liliana’s piece about her visit to India, published in last month’s edition of this newsletter, generated a lot of discussion and varying opinions from our colleagues and friends in India (http://www.hospicecare.com/news/09/04/reflections_india.html). We are grateful with all who responded and welcome their feedback and the suggestions on how to move palliative care forward in the country. We are aware that sometimes there are disagreements and difference of opinions, but we also recognize that we share a common concern for the welfare and the quality of the life of the patients in need of palliative care.

Board of Directors Meeting: During the EAPC Congress, the IAHPC will have its Board of Directors’ meeting. In next month’s issue, we will announce the new projects and results of our discussions.

Until next month.

Roberto Wenk, MD
Chair, Board of Directors

Liliana De Lima, MHA
Executive Director

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