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IAHPC’s Global Directory on Education in Palliative Care

The IAHPC is working on developing a global directory on education in palliative care which we hope will offer a comprehensive database of palliative care educational opportunities around the world. This directory will list only formal courses (degree and non-degree) while symposiums, congresses and workshops will continue to be listed in the events and meetings page.

If your institution or university offers a course in palliative care, please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire - listing is free and it is provided by IAHPC as a service to our readers and the global palliative care community. By listing in the directory you will increase the visibility of the course/program each month by thousands who visit our website every month.

To complete the questionnaire, click on

Thank you,
The IAHPC Team

Palliative Care in the European Union (EU)

"The external report "Palliative Care In The European Union" has been published in hard copy and also in 'pdf' by the European Parliament's Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

The report was approved recently. You can refer, distribute or spread freely because it is already published in hard copy and also in 'pdf' by the European Parliament's Committee. The electronic format 'pdf' can be downloaded in the following link:

You can see several references to EAPC and EAPC documents and to our Task Force as a recognition of all the extraordinary work that EAPC is doing in the last years and today.

…We have to think in ways to disseminate the report through our net of Key collaborators in each country and by several others.

We think that the final result is good and that the report offers a good synthesis of the situation of PC in the EU. We hope that this report helps policy makers and health providers to develop and improve Palliative Care in Europe. "

Best regards from Spain,

Dr. Carlos Centeno
Equipo de Medicina Paliativa
Clínica Universitaria
Universidad de Navarra
Avenida Pío XII, 32


Interested in research about family carers of people requiring palliative care?

Then please consider joining: Family Carer Research Collaboration

Background: The World Health Organisation recommends that family carers of people requiring palliative care should be offered optimal support from health and social care professionals. However there is a shortage of evidence based strategies to support family carers. Also, there are only a small number of researchers who are focusing specifically on family carer research in palliative care and limited research funding opportunities.

The inaugural meeting of the International Palliative Care Family Carer Research Collaboration (IPCFRC) occurred at the European Association for Palliative Care Research Congress in Italy (2006).


1. Promote:
(a) International opportunities for interdisciplinary research collaboration and publications; and
(b) Opportunities for international research visits/exchanges amongst members.

2. Communicate:
(a) Outcomes of recent family carer research studies
(including methodological insights); and
(b) Opportunities for research funding.

3. Develop:
(a) Consensus based priorities for family carer research;
(b) Strategic alliances and possible avenues for ongoing
financial support;
(c) Educational resources for family carers;
(d) Overview of family carer related interventions;
(e) Reference library data base of family carer publications
(articles, books & resources); and
(f) Overview of family carer related research instruments.

4. Foster partnerships with key research groups, policy makers, carer advocacy/consumer groups and service delivery planners.

5. Provide mentorship for developing family carer researchers.

6. Lobby relevant organisations for enhanced services/supports for family carers.

Mission: To develop a strategic approach to palliative care research planning related to family carers of people requiring palliative care via establishing international partnerships and promoting information exchange.

For more detail go to URL: http://www.ipcfrc.unimelb.edu.au/   click on brochure.


The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

“Greetings All,

Please post and share the announcement below with all palliative care providers, organizations, and national associations you are working with. This is an excellent opportunity for palliative care to receive additional funding.

Palliative care providers, organizations and national associations should meet with their national country coordinating teams (CCM’s) to introduce themselves and to advocate for palliative care services for AIDS and TB patients to be included in the country’s Global Fund application. Many CCM’s would include palliative care but they don’t know what it means, what it includes, where it can or should be provided, they don’t know who in their country provides palliative care, and they have no idea of how to include palliative care in the country’s application…”

Please try.


Mary Callaway, Associate Director
International Palliative Care Initiative
Open Society Institute
New York

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Announcement

“GENEVA – The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria today announced that it will launch a second call for proposals in 2008, inviting countries burdened by the three diseases to submit additional requests for funding. It will be the ninth round of funding since the Global Fund’s creation in 2002, and it is only the second time that two calls for proposals have been launched in the course of a single year.

The new funding round will open on 1 October 2008 and the Board of the Global Fund is expected to approve new grants under this round at its Board Meeting in May 2009. Round 9 will be supplementing Round 8 which was launched in March this year. Round 8’s submission deadline is 1 July…”

To read more about this program go to the following URL:

Medical School - Palliative Care Education Project

“Building on the success of the original grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to recruit and mentor six U.S. medical schools interested in improving palliative care education for 3rd/4th year medical students, the Medical College of Wisconsin’s End of Life/Palliative Education Resource Center (EPERC) announces a call for applications to participate in the second cycle of this project funded by the Y.C. Ho/Helen and Michael Chiang Foundation.

Six schools will again be selected through a competitive application process. Two of the six schools awarded will be from the Mid-Atlantic region consistent with the priorities of the funder, specifically defined as schools in New York City; Long Island; Westchester County, New York; the states of New Jersey and Connecticut; and the city of Philadelphia, PA.

The EPERC Website (www.eperc.mcw.edu) provides project details and application packet for medical schools interested in participating in this curriculum enhancement project.

Project goals:

1. The development of a self-sustaining required and an elective palliative care didactic and experiential training opportunity for 3rd or 4th year medical students

2. The establishment a faculty development program for existing and new faculty in palliative care.

Each of the six funded schools will receive a $36,000 award to support curriculum development.

The project is directed by Drs. David Weissman, Susan Block, Timothy Quill and Deborah Simpson.

Project details and application materials can be found at the MS-PCE Project Home page: http://www.eperc.mcw.edu/MS-PCE/Home08.htm

For information contact Judi Rehm, Project Manager, ([email protected]).

Applications are due by 5 pm August 15, 2008.”


EAPC Young Investigator Award

The EAPC would like to honour an outstanding young person for his/her contributions in clinical practice, teaching and/or research in palliative care. The idea of "Young" investigator means novice in the research field, and not their age. The successful candidate will be asked to give a plenary lecture at the 11th Congress of the EAPC to be held in Vienna in May 2009.


The candidate should be at the beginning of their professional career in palliative care. They should hold an academic or clinical position in palliative care. The applicant should be a citizen of one of the countries of the EAPC Collective Member Associations and hold (or be about to complete) a postgraduate degree (e.g PhD, MD, Masters).

In making your nomination, please make sure that your candidate agrees to be nominated and to give a plenary lecture. Please submit a full CV, including a list of publications with the form (download .doc here) to Prof Dr. Friedemann Nauck, Chair of the Scientific Committee ([email protected]) and cc to Amelia Giordano at EAPC Head Office in Milan ([email protected]).

Deadline has been extended until 5pm on Monday 1st September 2008.
EAPC head office


The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine releases New Publication

The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine is proud to announce the release of the 3rd Edition of the Hospice and Palliative Care Training for Physicians: UNIPAC book series.
http://www.association-office.com/AAHPM/etools/products/products.cfm  then click on Products online

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day – an update

To celebrate the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, the Society for the promotion of Hospice Care in Hong Kong published a book in Chinese titled "Living and Dying with Peace" for free distribution to the general public. This 128-page book is composed of articles contributed by over 40 guest writers coming from palliative care professionals, representatives of various religions, celebrities, people who had close encounter with death of their own or their closest family members, volunteers supporting end-of-life care, and donors to this book publishing project, all sharing their experience and views on how one can bring peace to the dying patients, the living families, and one's own self. The book is nicely decorated by the colourful photos and quotes contributed by Mr. Alain Yip, a renowned professional photographer in Hong Kong. The book was so well received by readers that generous sponsorships have been collected from kind-hearted donors to print the fourth-run that brings the cumulative total to over 100,000 copies.

There is also an on-line version of the book at

For questions and comments, please contact:

Mr. KWAN Kam
Executive Director
Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care
Tel. (852) 2868 1211
Fax (852) 2530 3290


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