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2008; Volume 9, No 4, April



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Regional Report - Romania


March 5, 2008 was a moment of joy for those involved in palliative care in Romania. It was a day with 2 major events happening. First, the Minister of Health, Eugen Nicolaescu, signed a partnership to develop a National Palliative Care Plan inside the National Cancer Program along with Hospice “Casa Sperantei”, the leading Romanian palliative care service, and the Federation of Cancer Pacients. According to this document the Ministry of Health will appoint a palliative care commission inside the cancer commission (objective already achieved) to insure the human and financial resources necessary to implement the plan. Hospice “Casa Sperantei” will offer the technical expertise to propose legislation, provide educational opportunities for professionals and increase awareness in the general population. The Federation will contribute input regarding the needs and perspectives of the patients.



Second, it was the day to officially launch a national awareness campaign for palliative care that included a TV video spot, plus a radio and media spots. These will run on local and national programs for the next three months.  In addition, a partnership was agreed upon with the medical press to have regular (monthly) articles on palliative care for family doctors, pharmacists, infectious disease specialists, and oncologists through the entire year.

To all who have contributed to this success we thank you, but we specifically want to thank Cristina Vladu, Deputy Director in the Ministry of Health, and Magda Muntean coordinator of the awareness campaign.

Daniela Mosoiu, MD
Education and National Development Director
Hospice Casa Sperantei, Romania

Dr. Mosoiu has also served on the IAHPC board of directors

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