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2008; Volume 9, No 2, February

Roberto Wenk, MD  


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Message from the Chair

Roberto Wenk, MD (Argentina)

Dear Readers:

In this my second message as the Chair of the Board of IAHPC, I wish to comment about my five day visit to the IAHPC headquarters in Houston.
The reason for the visit was to learn about the organization, and to plan activities for the next three years.

I will attempt to describe the IAHPC by comparing it to the Volkswagen Beetle, the utilitarian car that was based on the “think small” concept. Maybe the same concept applies to the IAHPC in at least five ways that may be responsible for its success and sustained growth.


  • accessible to the masses, cheap and easy to maintain – an educational resource capable of increasing the availability and access to palliative care throughout the world.
  • a small, basic structure that performs complex tasks. It has a simple but powerful engine - Liliana, Ana, Lina and Anne. It is fueled with premium gas – a strong commitment to PC - and has a precise control panel – the Board of Directors.
  • built to be long-lasting, by designers who were, and continue to be, health care professionals with a strong commitment to palliative care.
  • recognized as a standard of quality and performance that is attractive to the palliative care audience.
  • easily identified in the palliative care community.



During my visit, we drafted an initial set of goals with a time line for their accomplishment:

    • 0-30 days – draft submission to the Board of Directors for input and approval, and
    • 30-90 days – invitations sent to the Directors and experts to participate in various activities and working groups.

Shortly we will inform you about our goals and objectives, and we will share the results of our efforts as soon as they become available. We will work to optimize our resources to promote communication and provide education worldwide.


Roberto Wenk, MD
Chair, Board of Directors

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