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2008; Volume 9, No 1, January

Roberto Wenk, MD  


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Message from the Chair

Roberto Wenk, MD (Argentina)

Dear readers:

Happy New Year 2008.

I am honored to have been elected as Chair of the Board of IAHPC. It is a privilege – both personal and professional - for me to succeed Dr. Kathleen Foley in this position.

I am also proud and enthusiastic about the possibility to collaborate with the organization to vigorously achieve it’s mission.

It is not necessary to mention, or to emphasize, that IAHPC has a central role to provide education and facilitate information transfer to health care providers and policy makers around the world. The extent and transcendence of this role is part of the record.

The IAHPC’s successful activities are the result of the dedication and effort of former Chairmen and Board members, the talent of the Executive Director, the collaboration of the officers, and the support of the members.

Many thanks for this legacy.

We, the recently elected Board Members and I, wish to continue this great work. During the next three years we will reinforce the current activities, complete the development of the original and strategic initiatives that were engineered during the recent past, and develop new initiatives to help increase worldwide access to palliative and hospice care.

The organizational structure and the commitment and effort by the Board of Directors are important factors in reaching our objectives; but another important factor must be your input. The best indicator of the adequacy of our work is that we develop activities matched to your requirements.

We encourage you to collaborate with IAHPC, increase communication with us and let us know your requirements.

We look forward to your participation and collaboration; we need both of them to optimize our work.


Roberto Wenk, MD
Chair, Board of Directors.


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