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2006; Volume 7, No 4, April



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Message from the Chair & Executive Director:
Kathleen M. Foley, MD
Liliana De Lima, MHA

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Dr. Ripamonti

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Dame Cicely

Book Reviews:
Roger Woodruff, MD

Traveling Scholars’ Reports:
Singapore, Cape Town

Regional Reports: Africa,
Latin America, Nigeria,
Seychelles Islands, USA


Webmaster's Corner:
Anne Laidlaw

Editor’s Notes:
IAHPC celebrates 10 years of publishing

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Urban Legends and Folklore on the Web
Internet hoaxes, rumors, urban legends and urban myths
With April Fools' Day being this month I thought internet hoaxes and urban legends would be a good topic. A hoax is an action done to trick or deceive a person. Email hoaxes are deliberate email messages warning about false viruses or other false information. In these messages there is often a suggestion to remove an important file and/or send the false warning to everyone in your email address book.
Urban myths, Urban Legends and rumors while may be great stories to read about or they are terrifying. The odd time there may be one or two facts that are true but the rest is just a lie. They spread very quick, and usually have many different variants. They often tell you to either forward this email to all your friends or contact them immediately.
Some popular past hoaxes have been Bananas: Are They Safe?, Coca Cola for a Month -- Free?, Elf Bowling Virus, Is Hotmail Shutting Down? and the Microsoft AOL Email Beta Test hoax.

Here is an example I received the other day.

Old Almonds - An employee at a nursing home was regularly offered large jars of roasted almonds by one of her very elderly male charges. She appreciated the gifts (she loved almonds), but decided one day to put her foot down - it really wasn't appropriate for a patient to keep giving her gifts. When she approached him about it, he said, "Oh those almonds - they cost me nothing. My family brings me chocolate-coated almonds every time they visit, but I can't chew them, so I just suck the chocolate off them."
Please forward this to all your friends!

Now no one knows if this is a true story or not but it is a funny story. The sender is hoping you forward this to as many people as you know to clog the email servers. Before you know it this story has been read by over 1 million readers.

Tip: Never ever click on a link from an email that sends you to page to give any personal information. No matter who they say they are or no matter how much the email looks like it is from the real sender. Remember these thiefs are profesionals they know all the tricks to make it look like it is really your bank or eBay etc.

Here are some links to learn more to protect yourself from these hoaxes and urban legands.

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