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Oncology-Supportive Care in Cancer Unit Fondazione IRCCS, Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milano

Dedicated Oncology-SCCU (O-SCCU) born in June 2009 with the project of C. Ripamonti, as a clinical practice, teaching and research center, aimed in prevention, detection, treatment and study of anti-cancer treatment related toxicity and of physical, emotional, social and spiritual, financial needs the multicultural aspects of patients starting from the cancer diagnosis and during the trajectory of anticancer therapies. The O-SCCU is part of the Medical Oncologic & Hematology Department, is an outpatient clinic with 14 armchairs and two beds for Day Care. 5 physicians, 4 RNs and 10 volunteers of LILT are part the the Unit. The patients with severe toxicity who need to be hospitalized are admitted to the wards of Oncologic Units referring for primary cancer or Radiotherapy ward and cared by Oncologists/Radiotherapists of respective ward. Assess all patients’ needs (information, communication, emotional, social, spiritual, existential, financial ) , through Italian validated version of assessment tools (ESAS; HOPE; DIGNITY……..), in order to ensure early care of the patient in a holistic approach, support family members, survivors and healthcare professionals, promote research (pharmacological and non pharmacological) and educational programs.
via Venezian, 1 Milano
+39 02 23903644
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Dr. Carla Ida Ripamonti

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