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Louisiana - Mississippi Hospice Palliative Care Organization - LMHPCO

LMHPCO is not-for-profit educational organization. The mission of LMHPCO is to protect the integrity of hospice (in a rapidly changing national healthcare environment) and improve the quality of care (for terminally ill patients and their families) in both states through research, education and public awareness. LMHPCO is supported solely by member contributions, grants and donations. LMHPCO works to create a cooperative network of over 130 hospice agencies operating in Louisiana and Mississippi, holding members to NHPCO’s Standards for Care and Ethical Principles in the delivery of all hospice and end-of-life care services throughout the two states.
North America
United States of America
New Orleans
717 Kerlerec Street New Orleans, LA 70116
Contact person
Jamey Boudreaux, MSW, M.DIV, Executive Director

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