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Mellannorrlands Hospice

Mellannorrlands Hospice (Midnorthern Hospice) is a 12-bed specialist palliative inpatient unit, caring for guests with complex palliative care needs - combining medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Founded in September 2007, the new construction was architecturally designed solely for the hospice purpose with a landscape setting further contributing an atmosphere of peace and comfort. A nonprofit organization, Mellannorrlands Hospice is run by Mellannorrlands Hospice AB, wholly owned by the Mellannorrlands Hospice Foundation. The highly skilled staff includes a specialist palliative care physician, nurses, nursing aids, other support staff like clergy, kitchen, cleaning, accounting, volunteers and more. Care is delivered 24 hours a day. Mellannorrlands Hospice shares its advanced experience in palliative care and medicine in its own training and education facility, and as a participant in some programs of clinical research.
Växthusstigen 7, 852 40 Sundsvall, Sweden
060-531 10 50
Contact person
Dr. Linda Eriksson , Dr. Matthias Brian

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