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The Walloon Federation of Palliative Care (FWSP)

The Walloon Federation of Palliative Care (FWSP) is an association created in 1995 . Its main specificity comes from the fact that it puts its expertise at the disposal of professionals in the field and supports them. In 20 years, the FWSP has become the privileged interlocutor of health professionals and their spokesperson with regional and federal political authorities. With a growing dynamism, it organizes working groups (also called commissions) that allow palliative care stakeholders to reflect, to consult, to discuss their practice ... to work together in the service of palliative care. It also coordinates projects carried out all over the Walloon territory in order to facilitate to all, carers or non-carers, access to a similar offer in certain areas related to palliative care (communication tools, training courses, regional symposium ...).
Rue des Brasseurs, 175 B-5000, Namur, Belgium
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Lorraine Fontaine, Director

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