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Italian Society of Palliative Care

The Italian Society of Palliative Care, founded in Milan in 1986, is the only scientific society specifically established for the diffusion of the principles of palliative care (CP) in Italy. The SICP: promotes a clinical approach and global care aimed at protecting the dignity of people in the advanced and terminal phase of their illness and their life while protecting and simultaneously supporting the family members of the patient; promotes the humanization in medicine and the development of relationships with the patient and with his entire family pursuing professional goals and using "transversal" skills such as relationship, listening, empathy, collaboration, critical capacity and responsibility ; promotes the knowledge of palliative care in the population and works to produce correct information regarding the places where they are practiced; promotes the elaboration and application of regional and national laws and regulations that guarantee, within the health and social system, the right of access to the best possible palliative care for all patients and families in need; promoting, by participating as a member of the Members and in the interests of the sick and the families, the work of national regional, local institutional bodies and the development of a national network of accredited clinical centers for palliative care; promotes the application of knowledge in the field of palliative care, the research and study of the same and promotes the training at recognized universities and schools of all those who work in the care of the sick and their families; promotes the integration of health sectors and associations and voluntary sectors and implements or promotes information campaigns for the population; establishes scientific relations with national and international companies and bodies, having an affinity for goals and programs.
Via Galileo Galilei, 7 20124 Milan
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Gisella Serù, Operative Secretariat SICP

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