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Indonesian Palliative Society

Indonesian Palliative Society is a community of scientists, practitioners, and medical academics that have a special interest in palliative cases that occurs and develops in Indonesia. It was first established as an initiative by a group of scientists, practitioners, academics and people in the community who were concerned about the comfort of cancer patients. Since then, an idea sparked about the importance of an organization that gathers competent doctors who care about palliative cases in Indonesia. Surabaya city witnessed the declaration that formed Masyarakat Paliatif Indonesia (Indonesian Palliative Society/MPI) with the establishment of vision and mission as well as the commitments of the scientists, practitioners, academics of medics, and community in Indonesia in 2008.
Jakarta Barat
c/o Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jl. S. Parman Kav. 84-86, Slipi
Contact person
Dr. Maria Witjaksono, First Secretary

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