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Christian Medical College-Palliative Care Clinic

Palliative care had its humble beginnings in 1992 under the leadership of Dr. Alex Zachariah and the introductory workshop by Dr. Robert Twycross and Dr. Gilly Burn. Since then it has gone through a number of teams and departments offering pain and palliative care services. Interventional procedures like nerve blocks have been provided by the department of Anaesthesiology. Over the years, the staff and faculty have been exposed to sensitization programmes on palliative care and care of terminally ill patients by Dr. Edward Dubland and his team. At present, the palliative care services carried out by the Department of radiotherapy by a team led by Dr. Pamela Jeyaraj provides palliative care consultation for all the departments. The need now is to solidify the palliative care program into a well-established and organized team of care providers.
Brown Road, Ludhiana, INDIA.
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Dr. William Bhatti - Director

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